765LT Lightness


Lighten-ing fast

Scorching acceleration

Handling that rewrites the rules. Electrifies. Total connection between car and driver.

Everything important is enhanced by lightness. So extreme measures are used to cut weight. Every Longtail is defined by this uncompromising attitude. Which is why the 765LT weighs just 1,339kg. 80kg less than the lightweight McLaren 720S.

The new, unique carbon fibre bodywork elements are incredibly light. The dramatic new all-titanium quad-exit exhaust system weighs just 10.9kg – 40% lighter than if it were made of steel. The whole interior is pared back to the LT essentials. And huge savings are achieved with the new ultra-light 10-spoke alloy wheels. Because they cut unsprung weight – which has so much influence on performance, handling and ride. Even glazing doesn’t escape the obsessive search for lightness. Thinner glass is used. And motorsport derived polycarbonate.

Fighting weight

The 765LT was always going to be outrageously light. Like every Longtail before it. And the car that it’s based on – the 720S – is already a model of lightness and agility. To be better than the best – to take the LT line another leap forward – this car had to go on a merciless weight cutting programme. One that scrutinized every component, feature and system. By making the 765LT a full 80kg lighter than the 720S, we unleashed a car that’s ready to do justice to its name.

Unsprung advantage

The weight of each wheel is unsprung weight. It’s not supported by the suspension. Saving it creates a big advantage, because every kilogram cut here is worth the same as 4kg in sprung bodyweight. On the 765LT, the all-new ultra-light 10-spoke alloy wheels with optional laser-etched logos cut 22kg from the standard wheel weight on the 720S. These stunning wheels use lightness to brilliant effect. They contribute to the sublime handling balance, and to the 765LT’s ferocious acceleration and massively powerful braking ability. Creating tyres to keep pace involved working closely with McLaren’s Technical Partner, Pirelli. The result is a bespoke P Zero™ Trofeo R design. A tyre that picks up where those used on the McLaren Senna left off.


Light. Fantastic

Ordinary glazing is surprisingly heavy. Which means it has no place in the 765LT. Instead, it’s replaced with thinner glass. And motorsport inspired polycarbonate glazing. Saving 6kg.

But there’s another, less obvious, advantage… Thinner, lighter glazing allows more of the ferocious scream of the 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 to flood through the cabin. Along with the sunlight.

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