The 570S GT4 is the most successful GT race car we have ever built. Since its debut in 2017 it has won races in every championship it has competed in across four continents. And racked up more wins and podiums than any McLaren to date. Race cars, of course, must conform to strict motorsport regulations, but what would the 570S GT4 be like if freed from those restrictions? Today you have the answer: the McLaren 620R. 

Exclusive and extreme in equal measure, the McLaren 620R retains the DNA of a fully homologated track car yet is free from the restrictions that race regulations apply.


Being the most powerful car in the McLaren Sports Series – and also the fastest around the track – the 620R is a truly unique proposition. It not only looks like a race car, it handles, performs and feels like a race car too. Based around the 570S GT4’s single-piece carbon fibre Monocell II chassis, the 620R is lives up to the McLaren lightweight design ethos. Its motorsport DNA is further enhanced by the adoption of the GT4’s adjustable aerodynamic elements, race suspension components and a powertrain recalibration that increases power output to the 620PS (610bhp) which gives the car its name.


Performance will naturally be formidable – 0-100km/h (0-62mph) takes just 2.9 seconds – the 620R is a road car capable of posting phenomenal lap times. You can see this in the incredible attention to the details of the specification. Stiffer powertrain mounts are deployed to reduce inertia under high load, the 7-speed SSG gearbox offers McLaren’s Inertia Push technology for super-fast shift times, while the GT4’s manually adjustable dampers offer 32 clicks of adjustment at each corner (and weigh 6kg less than regular dampers). The lightweight motorsport suspension features aluminium wishbones and stiffer anti-roll bars. This, with McLaren’s latest lightweight braking system featuring a McLaren Senna-derived brake booster, combine to make the 620R a scalpel-sharp performer on road or track.


Aerodynamic performance is also key to the 620R’s motorsport credentials. It borrows the GT4’s adjustable carbon fibre rear wing – rendered road legal by the addition of a third brake light – which adds 185kg of extra downforce when set at the most aggressive of its three angles. The front bumper, splitter and bonnet have been redesigned for the road, adding 65kg of extra downforce at the front.


Inside the cockpit there’s no doubt we’re dealing with a racing-inspired machine. Super-lightweight carbon fibre racing seats with six-point harnesses, carbon fibre shift paddles and the McLaren Track Telemetry system are standard, while floor carpet, glovebox, air-con, audio system and IRIS navigation have been stripped to save weight (although the last three can be added).


The car also offers a choice of Pirelli performance tyre to suit race or road. The standard P Zero Trofeo R semi-slick or the optional, track-only full slick. The latter, specially developed for McLaren by Pirelli’s Motorsport team, offers an 8% larger contact patch with the track surface, bringing lap times down even further. This is the first time a road-legal car with 19-inch front wheels and 20-inch rears has been engineered to run on slicks without the need for additional mechanical adjustment.


The 620R is available in three GT4-inspired colours, McLaren Orange, Silica White, Onyx Black, but the options don’t finish there. GT4 inspired vinyl decal kits are available in orange and white as standard, with an optional GTR inspired vinyl decal kit. Our bespoke division, McLaren Special Operations (MSO), will add further personalisation through a range of MSO Bespoke paints and features.

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