3-7-59 THEME


Our past fuels our future

Sixty years of cutting-edge engineering. Three iconic races. And a team that embodies the spirit of innovation and craftsmanship. To celebrate McLaren’s 60th anniversary our McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division has created the striking new 3-7-59 theme, a tribute to the legacy-defining triple crown victory.

Representing the pinnacle of painted livery techniques, the 3-7-59 showcases unparalleled, bespoke artwork adorning both the interior and exterior of the new McLaren 750s. The intricate paint application is undertaken by MSO's exceptional cadre of painters, applied in our state of art facilities. This fusion of tradition and groundbreaking techniques elegantly harmonises aesthetics with high-performance functionality, encapsulating McLaren’s performance ethos.

A word from McLaren
"The McLaren 750S with 3-7-59 Theme is a showcase of extreme performance that pays tribute to our Triple Crown success and is a truly stunning expression of world-class paint mastery on a supercar that sets a new benchmark in its class."

Michael Leiters

CEO, McLaren Automotive

MSO Craftmanship

MSO Craftsmanship

MSO adeptly applies a variety of artistic mediums to deliver the unique essence of the 3-7-59 theme. Among these are conventional methods such as airbrushing and silver leaf gilding, requiring extensive mastery acquired through years of practice. Complementing these are contemporary techniques like paint splattering on the rear wing and the intricately laser-etched seat fabric, accomplished through the use of advanced digital technologies. Despite the diversity in these methodologies, they all share a common thread: a distinctly human touch combined with a meticulous attention to detail. From the careful formulation of distinctive hues to the intricate hand-painted keys, the 3-7-59 theme is passionately handcrafted.

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