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The pinnacle of modern craftsmanship. The extreme performance ethos of Longtail. McLaren Special Operations (MSO) and our LT marque are each driven by their own bold mission…

Now, with the 765LT Strata Theme by MSO, these twin ambitions unite in extraordinary visual form. An artistic masterclass that combines its inspiration points – the complex patterns of sprawling cityscapes, distinctive McLaren F1 racing livery, and bold geometric graphics – to create a truly one-of-a-kind McLaren.

Organic. Fluid. Dynamic. The Strata Theme imbues the 765LT with a sense of unparalleled energy and velocity, even while at rest.. Demonstrating the impeccable expression made possible by MSO.

MSO Strata

The Strata Theme’s incredible paintwork is 450 hours in the making. It begins with a vibrant MSO Heritage Azores full-body finish, before MSO paint technicians meticulously blend intense MSO Heritage Memphis Red from the bonnet to create a flawless front to back fade. Each front fender is painted in MSO Bespoke Cherry Black – a deep, purposeful shade with a subtle red flake that comes shimmering to life in the light. Transitioning onto the twin-hinged F1-inspired Dihedral Doors, the Strata graphic is then hand-painted through an intricate masking and stencilling process. The overall effect is a car that appears to have burst through a layer of paint. At once aggressive and purposeful… but also elegant and streamlined.

MSO Strata

For a car that possesses such a distinct visual narrative, every opportunity to add character was seized by the MSO design team. Standard calipers simply wouldn’t do the Strata Theme justice. Continuing the fade aesthetic from the main body, the car’s brake calipers feature a colour split from front to back – a bright MSO Bespoke Volcano Red front calipers, and the dynamic MSO Bespoke Azores calipers on the rear. At the back of the car, this pop of colour links to the rear fender. While at the front, it adds a contrast with the surrounding MSO Bespoke Cherry Black – naturally drawing the eye to one of the 765LT’s hardest working components.

MSO Strata

The Strata Theme is more than simply an incredible finish… The MSO Defined Roof Scoop brings stunning drama to the extreme 765LT driving experience. The scoop is seamlessly integrated into the upper rear glazing, with the air funnel routed into the cockpit itself on its way through to the car’s 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 ¬– providing vital cooling airflow for the 765LT powertrain. Constructed from lightweight carbon fibre, the scoop is finished in gloss black on the exterior, and visual carbon fibre inside the cabin. The result is a component that adds an aggressive focal point to both the interior and exterior of the car.

MSO Strata

The graphic concept and bold signature colours of the Strata Theme’s exterior continue inside the car. As does the level of craftsmanship in touchpoints across the cockpit trim. On each Alcantara® headrest, the MSO logo and Strata graphic feature as intricately debossed details that reflect the car’s exemplary pedigree and unique aesthetic. Opening each Dihedral Door, too, reveals the same pattern in a dark tint on the MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Extended Door Sill – meticulously applied to match the angle and direction from the exterior. Adding a subtle, dynamic character, MSO Heritage Memphis Red is also revisited in key driver interaction points – the push-to-drink system, the 12 o’clock marker on the steering wheel, the rear of the shifter paddles, alongside the plus/minus detailing on each. Plus peeking through laser-cut perforations in the seating Alcantara®. For the ultimate attention to detail, the Strata graphic is also mirrored on the car’s bespoke ignition keys. These alone take a further 14 hours to paint.

'The 765LT Strata Theme by MSO is a stunning demonstration of what can be achieved by our expert team. It serves as either a ready-made design, which can be ordered by your retailer or as inspiration for you to develop your own unique 765LT.'
Ansar Ali
Managing Director, McLaren Special Operations

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