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Supercar DNA

The GTS is designed to reset your expectations. It’s an all-out McLaren supercar. Through and through. No compromise.

But it also has an extra dimension: ultimate usability. That makes it one-of-a-kind high performance supercar.

Retaining the core McLaren elements of beautiful yet functional design, class-leading power-to-weight ratio – enabled by lightweight carbon fibre construction centred on a unique monocoque chassis – and unmatched driving dynamics.

Here is a superlight high performance supercar with sublime driver engagement – that you can enjoy the thrill of every journey.


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A word from McLaren
"When you want a true supercar driving experience, the GTS delivers that; when you want to relax on a longer journey or with luggage for a weekend away, the GTS is an ideal companion. This is a car that is true to McLaren’s racing DNA but with multiple layers of ability."

Michael Leiters




McLaren GTS has the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class. A supercar heart, purity of responses and incredible acceleration defines its character. The car is alive to your inputs and will stir the senses. Now more than ever, thanks to increased power and torque. McLaren DNA runs through every detail. The sheer power and poise delivered by the GTS’s awe-inspiring engine and advanced lightweight construction is yours to savour. Whenever and wherever you choose.



There’s no point in having a soul-stirring, class-leading engine if you can’t tap into its true potential. The GTS is designed to make certain that you can. Its ferocious 4.0 Litre Twin-Turbocharged V8 generates 635PS at 8,000rpm and 630Nm of torque – all of it delivered with an accomplished smoothness and efficiency. And a stirring signature exhaust note. Our engineers have been refining the very heart of the M840T combustion system to liberate more power through more aggressive phasing. The ignition timing is now super-efficient and produces exceptionally high combustion pressure and more crankshaft torque. Allowing you to access more usable, thrilling performance than ever.



Power in the GTS is delivered in a sustained, seamless flow, through linear acceleration and inherent engine flexibility. The key is torque. The engine’s 630Nm is available between 5,500rpm and 6,500rpm as a deep, controllable surge. It’s yours to use as you please.


Helping you fine-tune performance at every turn is the Active Dynamic Panel. Choose Comfort Mode and there’s a ‘Quiet Start’ function for discreet getaways and a softer exhaust note for sustained cruising. Select Sport or Track Mode and driver focus sharpens in an instant. With a more menacing exhaust note to match.


Technology works with you to deliver the GTS’s incredible performance. On any road. With deeply satisfying composure and race-bred control. The highly advanced Electronic Stability Control (ESC) keeps the car stable and secure in all kinds of road conditions.


And, as with all McLarens, there’s a Brake Steer System – poised to subtly slow the inside rear wheel to sharpen turn-in and reduce understeer. It gives you the confidence to apply power earlier on challenging corners. Another trademark McLaren advantage: without the need for a traditional Limited Slip Differential, mechanical complexity and weight are significantly reduced.



The foundation is a chassis that’s completely free from compromise. The stiff, super-light nature of the MonoCell II-T is the ideal place to begin. And the perfect platform for Proactive Damping Control suspension. The system’s lightweight aluminium double wishbones and uprights work in harmony with Continuously Variable, Electronically Controlled Dual-Valve Dampers – giving individual compression and rebound on each wheel. Longer dampers and a unique anti-roll bar create a ride/handling poise that is unmistakably GTS.

The bond between car and driver is made stronger still by advanced mathematics. The latest Optimal Control Theory software, developed through McLaren-led research at the University of Cambridge, reads the road and responds in fractions of a second to changing conditions. Learning more with every journey.


Make your own GTS

New 10-Spoke Turbine Wheel available in Q3 2024.


Design and Innovation

Everything for a reason. It’s the uncompromising design philosophy that underpins everything we do. So every stunning form has a function. Each element contributes to the whole. Our relentless pursuit of progress shapes the McLaren GTS. And this passion for innovation begins at the very core: with the pioneering, ultra-lightweight MonoCell II-T. An incredibly advanced version of our immensely strong carbon fibre chassis – fine-tuned for everyday usability. This technical design is hundreds of kilograms lighter than a traditional chassis. Giving the GTS a class-leading power-to-weight ratio, acceleration and dynamics.



The GTS has a classic McLaren profile. Low. Sculpted. And efficient. Its proportions are that of a meticulously balanced mid-engined performance supercar. Stripped of superfluous weight. Shaped to deliver spine-tingling performance and sublime dynamics. The muscular, purposeful stance is unmistakeably McLaren, but there are unique differences. Fundamental elements and details that give the GTS a presence and charisma all of its own.


At 4.7m, the GTS is longer than other series production McLarens. To enhance airflow. And to accommodate new air intakes both front and rear. The result is a bold new visual signature – and increased cooling efficiency. The whole body is shaped by aerodynamics, allowing the GTS to generate 100kg of downforce for exceptional stability and driver confidence.


As ever, pioneering design can be found in each detail too. Such as the full LED Headlights with Static Adaptive Functionality. They remove the need for bulky mechanical motors by varying beam intensity according to steering angle. Or the subtle curve of the optional Electrochromic Panoramic Roof, that creates shade at the touch of a button.


All-new optional 10-Spoke Turbine Alloy Wheels are ultra-light and machine polished to near perfection before paint is applied. They’re a clear demonstration of style meeting substance. In carefully calibrated harmony.


Beyond the GTS’s show-stopping, elegant Dihedral Doors, you’ll find a driver-focused cabin that wraps itself around you. Yet is airy and space efficient too. Everything you touch is beautifully made. And from the finest materials. Technology is advanced, and intuitive. The experience is effortless. Designed to help you make the most of every journey. The essence of usability. The huge windscreen, sweeping glazed tailgate and C-pillars provide near 360-degree visibility – and maximise natural light.


McLaren GTS also integrates the first application of the new McLaren Infotainment System II – featuring more processing power for seamless use and pin sharp clarity. Its sophisticated graphics owe more to the world of private jets than automotive standards. From its 7-inch touchscreen, you can control and tailor a whole host of technology and vehicle settings – with satellite navigation, Bluetooth streaming and digital radio at your fingertips. Innovative hidden-until-lit ambient lighting creates a subtle glow across the cockpit after dark.


Potent and immersive, there is a 1,200w Bowers and Wilkins Audio System at your disposal – with 12 speakers, including additional bass, mid-range and tweeters.


The sense of calm focus and comfort is backed up by rigorous research and development. Advanced NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) cancelling materials minimise road, tyre and wind noise, while allowing just the right amount of soul-stirring sound through from the engine bay.


An important element of McLaren GTS’s sheer usability is its comfortable, light, minimal cockpit. And the unique mix of fine materials used to achieve its uncluttered, driver-focused ambience. Everything you touch and use is thoughtfully functional and beautifully finished. In a choice of rich, tactile leathers such as Nappa or a new Softgrain Aniline variety. Plus sporty Alcantara®, silky Cashmere and cool Knurled Aluminium. In the roomy luggage bay, there’s ultra-durable SuperFabric®. An advanced textile that’s tailor-made for the task.


At the heart of this airy, refined space you can specify optional streamlined, electrically adjusted heated seats that are unique to the GTS. Specifically engineered for long-distance comfort, they provide precisely the right amount of padding and support, combined with excellent lateral control. They clearly reflect the GTS’s sheer usability – ready to comfort over long distances, or keep you securely located through high-speed corners.



To reinforce our commitment to enduring quality and confidence-inspiring ownership, GTS is backed by a comprehensive 3 Year Unlimited Mileage Vehicle Warranty. It includes:


This is the kind of assurance that allows you to drive your GTS without compromise. Safe in the knowledge that it’s comprehensively covered by the people who created it.


To keep your GTS performing at its best, it needs to be serviced at a McLaren Retailer every 15,000 km (9,000 miles), or after 12 months if that arrives sooner. Our expert Retailer technicians apply the same meticulous standards when maintaining your GTS as those that first shaped it, here at the McLaren Production Centre. So you can relax, knowing your GTS is in the best possible hands.


Facts & Figures




Top speed









0-100 km/h (0-62 MPH) 3.2 s
0-200 km/h (0-124 MPH) 8.9 s
1/4 Mile (0-400m) 11.0 s
Top Speed 326 km/h \n (203 MPH)
100-0 km/h (62-0 MPH) 32 m (105 ft)
200-0 km/h (124-0 MPH) 127 m (417 ft)
Powertrain V8, 4.0L
Technology Twin Electrically-Actuated Twin Scroll Turbochargers, Dry Sump
Max power 635 PS (626 bhp)
Max torque 630 Nm (465 lbft)
E-Motor -
Battery type -
Transmission 7-speed + reverse seamless shift gearbox (SSG)
Chassis & Body Technology
Body structure Carbon fibre MonoCell II-T monocoque, with carbon fibre rear upper structure and aluminium crash structures front and rear
Suspension Type Double aluminium wishbone; independent adaptive dampers with Proactive Damping Control. Comfort, Sport and Track modes
Differential Open Differential
Brakes Carbon Ceramic brakes with 6-piston callipers
Aerodynamics Static
Weights and Dimensions
Dry Lightest 1,466 kgs (3,232 lbs)
DIN Kerb Weight 1,520 kgs (3,351 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity 72 litres (15.8 UK gallons / 19 USA gallons)
Luggage capacity 150 litres (front), 420 litres (rear)
CO2 Emmissions EU WLTP 270 g/km
Electric range -
Fuel efficiency EU WLTP 11.9 L/100km (23.7 mpg)

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Fuel consumption combined: 11.9l/100km

Estimated C02 emissions combined: 270g/km

For more information, please read our Emissions Statement.

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