McLaren F1

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Power, pace and peerless quality, the legendary F1 is a technological masterpiece. The fastest production car of its time. The finest sports car of its generation. For many, the greatest supercar ever built.

McLaren F1

Waiting at Milan airport after the ‘88 Italian Grand Prix, four McLaren luminaries discussed the company’s future. Before their flight was called, the executive team agreed McLaren would design and build the finest road car in the world. Bold and uncompromising, this decision changed automotive history.

McLaren F1

Brilliance takes time. It took four years to meticulously plan, design and build the all-conquering F1. Beautifully engineered and exceptionally quick, the F1 broke numerous world records during the ‘90s, and it remains the fastest naturally aspirated road car ever built. Only 106 cars were made in a limited production run, making the F1 one of the most exclusive cars in the world today.

McLaren F1

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