Lego Speed Champions McLaren Senna

LEGO® Speed Champions McLaren Senna

The most extreme track-focused road car built by McLaren. Brought down to size. Personifying McLaren’s DNA. The third collaboration between McLaren Automotive and LEGO® Speed Champions and the Ultimate LEGO Speed Champions set.

“The McLaren Senna allows us to include new building techniques that we wouldn’t be able to do with other cars, because no other car out there has glass doors”
Christopher Leslie Stamp
LEGO® Speed Champions Designer

The LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Senna is hand-assembled. Much like each full-size McLaren Senna. For petrol heads and junior aerodynamicists aged 7 and upwards. Challenging the impossible. Comprising of 219 pieces in each 15cm-long model. The kit includes one thing that not even the real Senna comes with - its own buildable wind tunnel. Providing an utterly unique build event.


Complete in Victory Grey and highlighted with orange details. A set without compromise. The model also comes with interchangeable wheel rims, a removable windscreen, and a minifigure driver, dressed in an official McLaren race suit. Allowing for the most exclusive LEGO Speed Champions experience there can possibly be.


The latest in a series of innovative collaborations between McLaren and LEGO.

Lego McLaren Senna

30 people. 2,700+ hours. 468,000+ bricks. Introducing the Full-Scale LEGO® McLaren Senna - replicating our latest LEGO® Speed Champions set. A fully interative build of our most extreme track-focused car with working sound and lights and the ability to control the engine. Featuring Pirelli P Zero Colour Edition tyres with orange sidewall graphics. Weighing nearly 1.9 tons. The chance to sit in a real McLaren Senna seat.


Challenging the impossible yet again.