765LT engagement


Sensory overload

Nothing feels, responds or sounds like a Longtail

Your senses are treated to an intense, unfettered flow of information. From everywhere. The show stopping all-titanium quad-exit exhaust howls at higher revs. It’s unique and unforgettable.

Stiffer engine mounts and polycarbonate glazing allow extra engine sound into the cabin. The trademark McLaren electro-hydraulic steering is sensitive and full of feel because of a quicker rack and stiffened steering torsion bar.

On every corner, camber and surface, the specially developed Pirelli P Zero™ Trofeo tyres allow you to explore cornering speeds beyond the conventional limits. Underpinning everything is the highly advanced ProActive Chassis Control II system, with software and hardware updates designed to handle the outer limits. And engage with the driver more vividly. More clearly... The line between instinct and engineering blurred beyond recognition.

765LT Exhaust
Roar power

Every great engine has an unmistakable voice. It speaks volumes for pedigree and performance. Setting this voice free takes a boldly designed, beautifully engineered exhaust. The quad-exit full-titanium exhaust system in the 765LT is dramatic and exquisitely formed. Delivering a thrilling mix of searing soundtrack, visual drama and functional lightness. It’s a work of art. Made entirely from titanium. Which means, despite featuring twice the number of exits, it’s still 3.8kg lighter than the standard 720S exhaust. The sound itself is wilder and more penetrating than the 720S. And it sends a simple message, loud and clear… The next LT has arrived.

765LT Downforce
Dynamic precision

Power means nothing in isolation. It needs to be deployed through a perfect balance of dynamic abilities. The 765LT harnesses and unleashes its huge power with visceral precision. A whole range of carbon fibre elements – from the front splitter to the new Longtail active rear wing – create 25% more downforce compared to the 720S. The specially engineered carbon fibre front floor helps to maintain this rock solid composure. Even when braking from high speed. Beneath its lightweight skin, the 765LT features ProActive Chassis Control II – complete with software and hardware updates. This is suspension technology for the outer limits – closer to the edge. Newly calibrated transmission subtly reduces the aggressive punch between gears if the car is nearing the limit of grip. Giving the driver extra control. Every innovation and revolution intensifies pure feel and total engagement.

765LT Engine Bay
Rear view

With many conventional interior features and fittings stripped out, here is a cabin that offers a different welcome. The promise of heart racing excitement. Dedicated track focus. Life at the extremes. The addictive feel can be maximised with the optional double-glazed panel, set within a carbon fibre frame as part of the rear structure. It reveals, in all its glory, the twin-turbocharged V8 engine that lives just over the driver’s shoulder. Its howling soundtrack is ever present. Maximising its visual presence is the next step. Towards an all-encompassing LT experience.

765LT Brakes
Stopping power

The McLaren 765LT hits 100km/h (62mph) in a scarcely believable 2.8 seconds. Its maximum speed is 330km/h (205mph). But unmatched stopping power and brake feel are vital for using and savouring this extreme performance. So brakes with cutting edge credentials are specified. In the shape of latest-generation carbon ceramic discs, combined with McLaren Senna brake calipers. Their sheer strength and pedal feel inspire full confidence. At the ragged edge. For the absolute last word, there is an Optional Track Brake Upgrade that includes racing-derived discs and pads created for the McLaren Senna. Their engineering is so precise, they take seven months to cure.

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