Our home MTC

A fitting home

Designed by the globally renowned British architect Lord Norman Foster, the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) is a spectacular architectural statement. Dramatic yet discreet.


Beautiful yet technologically advanced. Every detail is included for good reason... to provide the perfect environment for creating extraordinary cars. The building perfectly reflects our no-compromise ethos.


Architecture and engineering in harmony

The collaboration between pre-eminent British architect Lord Norman Foster’s practice and the most uncompromising car manufacturer always promised to create a unique environment. In the McLaren Technology Centre, our home since 2004, the result goes much further than this. MTC represents the perfectionism that underpins the ethos of both organisations. 


Where a McLaren comes to life

Building a McLaren is a demanding and complicated process. Yet there’s an incredible sense of calm and control inside the McLaren Production Centre (MPC). This white, clean 200 metre by 100 metre building houses our production line – which winds its way from corner to corner.  22 McLarens emerge from MPC every day – all are meticulously hand-assembled by our multi-talented team, assisted by the latest technologies.

  MTC Blueprint

Reframe the question

Perfection. Sometimes it can only be achieved by looking at a problem in a different way. When designing MTC, the team discovered the chosen tiles would need to be cut to fit into the building’s 300 x 100 metre dimensions. Standard practice, of course. But it wasn’t good enough. So to maintain symmetry, they changed the size of the building instead. At 300x99 metres, the tiles fit perfectly. Problem solved.

 Wind tunnel

Sculpted by air

The wind tunnel. Every McLaren is shaped by the critical knowledge we gain here. By the relentless study of how air interacts with the car’s body. And the meticulous honing of each curve, hollow, pinch and plane. The aim is simple: to improve aerodynamic performance. From increasing downforce to boost grip and stability. To reducing drag that unlocks faster acceleration. Put simply, every McLaren tells the visual story of its aerodynamics. From nose to tail.

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