Gulf Elva

McLaren and Gulf


A shared passion for excellence

The McLaren-Gulf partnership was legend from the very beginning. The first collaboration saw our utter domination of the 1968 Can-Am series. While the peerless McLaren F1 GTR, with its stunning successes at the Le Mans 24 Hours race in the 1990s, would become synonymous with Gulf’s bold branding. A look so iconic, we developed the Gulf livery as a bespoke option via McLaren Special Operations (MSO) to honour its heritage.

The combined class-leading capabilities of McLaren and Gulf have led us to a further new chapter – with Gulf Formula Elite now the exclusive first-fill lubricant for every McLaren that leaves the factory. Each brand exemplifies a shared dedication to performance and innovation – and we’re proud to renew our partnership with Gulf Oil International as McLaren’s Official Lubricant and Fuel Partner for 2023.

Peak performance. Even at the extremes.

Developed as a collaboration between Gulf and McLaren technical teams, Gulf Formula Elite has been the exclusive first-fill lubricant in all McLaren Automotive supercars since 2020. Providing ultimate protection for McLaren’s high-performance V8 and V6 engines.

Gulf Formula Elite is a full synthetic engine oil designed to deliver sustained peak performance, even in the most extreme conditions. Its Thermoshield technology creates a robust coating on critical engine parts, enhancing its wear defence for optimal efficiency. Gulf Formula Elite also prevents oil deterioration and helps to dissipate heat and maintain optimum temperature. Our shared commitment to world-class performance means no car leaves the McLaren Production Centre without it.

An iconic identity

To celebrate McLaren’s partnership with Gulf Oil International, MSO has recreated the iconic livery as a bespoke option – available across all McLaren models. The definitive result is the culmination of several trialled iterations. A stunning example of MSO’s meticulous craftsmanship, the hand-painted elements alone take the team’s experienced technicians 20 days to complete. Perfect down to the last detail.

Channelling the combined nostalgia of Gulf-GTC and the McLaren F1 GTR, the instantly recognisable livery is now available for commission via MSO – encompassing Gulf livery colours in both solid and pearl paint finishes, plus bespoke painted stripes, wheels and, of course, the iconic Gulf logo.

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