McLaren Senna

Prepare. Commit. Belong.

No restraints. No limitations. We don’t simply push boundaries. We completely rethink them. McLaren exists to create breathtaking performance road cars. And deliver the most thrilling driving experiences imaginable.

With innovation at the core of all we do, every challenge starts with the same question. How can we do it better? This restless spirit runs right through McLaren. And the search for perfection is evident in everything we design.

Pioneering new technology. Breaking industry norms. Pushing the envelope in speed, performance and dynamic engineering. This approach has created cars with astounding track performance that are astonishingly easy to drive on the road.


Restless innovation. McLaren is a pioneering supercar company. A business with a deep-rooted philosophy of innovation. And a history of exceptional design and engineering You can’t be first without first being brave.

Design Philosophy

We may make machines for driving but we are not driven by machines. There is emotion in every aspect of our designs – intuition and genuine passion.

Our home

Dramatic yet discreet. Beautiful yet technologically advanced. Every detail is included for good reason... to provide the perfect environment for creating extraordinary cars.

From the beginning

Bruce McLaren entered his first race in 1952 as a 15-year-old schoolboy. He won his first grand prix just seven years later. Then formed a racing team that remains the only one to have achieved motorsport’s Triple Crown (winning the F1 title, Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans). Our founder’s ethos guides our road car division today. His relentless pursuit of innovation. His determination to push the limits of the possible. His passion for driving… It’s why we do what we do. And it shapes every McLaren we make.

McLaren P1
Our Cars

From Bruce McLaren’s first racing car, a little Austin Ulster, to the legendary road and racing cars that still bear his name, every McLaren tells a unique story.


Innovative products. Purposeful designs. Shared values. Collaborations with world-leading companies designed for the lifestyle, gaming, toys and collectible sectors.



Our Partners play a vital role in our progression and development with the core aim to strive for excellence together. Seamlessly integrating each other into our businesses, we share fundamental values so that through innovation and technology, we can succeed in our respective market places and support economic growth and collaborative opportunities in others.

When you become part of McLaren, McLaren becomes part of you

McLaren Lifestyle

The world’s greatest roads ahead of you. Your fellow drivers by your side. This is the journey of a lifetime.

Pure McLaren

Ready to outdrive yourself? It’s time to go further. To push beyond. To grow from amateur driver, to racing driver