McLaren 600LT Spider

600LT Spider

Built to perform

The 600LT Spider demands no compromises when it comes to primal performance

It takes 2.9 seconds to reach 62mph. Matching the 600LT exactly. It will sprint from 0-124mph (200kph). Before powering on to an incredible 201mph (324kph) top speed. At its heart lies enormous power. Propelled by a McLaren 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8, but with an extra 30PS and 20Nm of torque.

The superfast Inertia Push gearshifts, developed on the 675LT, offer instant changes and an intoxicating sense of engagement. The only difference is just how close you can get to the sound and sensation of unbridled speed, the moment you lower the roof.

McLaren 600LT Spider

Like every LT, 600LT Spider is for driving. Pure and simple. At the edge and on the limit. The torrent of power created by its 600PS engine is immediately accessible. Grip the wheel. The quicker ratio electro-hydraulic steering and stiffer engine mounts respond instantly and give you masses of feedback. Advanced lightweight braking and suspension – as seen on the 720S ¬– communicate every nuance and change. And you can set the 600LT Spider up to suit an endless variety of roads or tracks. The Active Dynamics Panel lets you tailor engine and handling set-up. You – and your car – become one.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Life force

Of course the numbers make compelling reading. 600PS. 620Nm of torque. 0 – 62mph [100kph] in 2.9 seconds…But the powertrain in the 600LT Spider has a personality all of its own. Which means experience is everything. Start up the 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8 and you’ll hear and feel much more. That’s because the engine and transmission mounts are stiffer. On the move, changes such as a more efficient water pump and the removal of the air conditioning compressor contribute to mantis-like responses. So does the dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox, with its tantalising choice of Normal, Sport and Track modes. Giving a distinct voice to this staggering powertrain is a new LT icon with unique top-exit exhausts. That, once heard, will never be forgotten.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Ready to race

There’s a range of race-ready technology to engage you. The Electronic Stability Control [ESC] system is key. With three settings: ‘ESC On’, ‘ESC Dynamic’ and ‘ESC Off’, the system gives you complete control over the level of vehicle intervention. This is driver-focused innovation at its best. Then there’s the brilliant Brake Steer. Pioneered in Formula 1™, but banned because it gave us too much of an advantage, it’s back. Retuned for the 600LT models. The system subtly brakes the inside rear wheel to enhance turn-in and reduce understeer. So you can get back on the throttle earlier.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Point of contact

With so much performance and dynamic ability, the 600LT Spider needs very special tyres. Developed with our tyre partner Pirelli, the P ZERO™ Trofeo R is tuned precisely to match the exceptional characteristics of the car. With its focus firmly on track, these tyres are radically different. The development path involved some innovative twists and turns, with surprising results. For instance, the sidewall is softer than before, improving grip and maximising the contact patch on the most challenging surfaces. In keeping with the tyre’s hardcore nature, the belt is stiffer than the 570S – perfect for lateral acceleration forces and unmatched cornering ability.

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