McLaren 600LT Spider

600LT Spider

Lighter comes first

Every LT is defined by lightness

Anything that doesn’t contribute to raw performance and pin sharp handling is out. The team who created the 600LT Spider pushed weight saving to the very edge. And further. Building the 600LT Spider around the MonoCell II monocoque ‘tub’ means starting ultra-light. It has a best-in-class chassis weight of less than 75kg. Carbon fibre racing seats save a full 21kg.

Our lightest ever forged alloy wheels with bespoke Pirelli P ZERO™ Trofeo R tyres cut a further 17kg. The team were ruthless in this pursuit. Even the glovebox and door pockets were removed. The result is the lightest car in its class. Or to put it another way: 0-124mph (200kph) in 8.4 seconds.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Inner strength

Unique in its class, the carbon fibre MonoCell II ‘tub’ is the core of the 600LT Spider. Everything else is built around it. Hugely strong, rigid and light, it’s an ideal platform for creating an undiluted high performance car. We pioneered this technology in 1981 and have never stopped perfecting it. Weighing under 75kg, the MonoCell II liberates every last gram of performance. But it also allows for precise braking and telepathic handling. Its sheer strength means that the 600LT Spider needs no extra reinforcement to support the Retractable Hard Top. So, in short, the design retains the minimal purity of the 600LT Coupe.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Inside track

Pop open the Dihedral doors. You’ll discover an interior shaped for competition. Focused on function at the extremes. Yet offering the practicality and quality you’d expect in any McLaren Sports Series. The facia and door trims are elegantly pared-back. The seven-inch IRIS touchscreen is your infotainment hub – housing numerous functions that would normally be operated by heavier switches. Lightweight Alcantara® covers most surfaces. Dominating the cabin are the fixed-back carbon fibre racing seats – straight from the McLaren P1™. There are no carpets. Or door pockets. But there is a large windscreen and low profile dashboard for exceptional visibility. And a sense of race-ready purpose that will raise your pulse the instant you settle into the driving seat.

McLaren 600LT Spider

Feeling, magnified

The first sharp corner or demanding surface will reveal the truth. The 600LT Spider has suspension geometry that begs to be challenged. Using components from the 720S and the latest forged aluminium design, it has a 10mm wider front track. Front-end responses and steering feel are now in another league. Rear geometry also releases full dynamic – and driver – potential.

Independent, continuously variable adaptive dampers and anti-roll bars have been carefully reworked to match the upgraded suspension geometry. Together they create the track ready talents that make every LT so addictive. And yet also so usable.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Forged to win

The 600LT Spider rewrites the rules from the ground up. Its 10-spoke forged aluminium wheels are the lightest ever fitted to a Sports Series. Strictly bespoke and incredibly strong, they significantly cut unsprung weight – good news for handling and ride. Combined with the specially developed Pirelli P ZERO™ Trofeo R tyres, these stunning wheels save 17kg. For true fanatics, there’s also the option of titanium wheel bolts to shave off a further 0.42kg… You can also choose a seriously light and equally striking 5-Spoke design as an option.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Lighter still

Beyond extreme. Finding the edge and pushing through. The MSO Clubsport Pack is true to the spirit of LT. And tailored for the 600LT Spider. It slashes a further 8.1kg from a car that already defines lightweight open top performance. At the heart of these single-minded upgrades you’ll find the super-lightweight carbon fibre racing seats from the McLaren Senna, complete with their advanced double-skin shells. Carbon fibre elements are used everywhere across the interior. And for the roof and cantrails. Carbon fibre front fenders – complete with special louvres to reduce air pressure inside the wheel arches at speed – save 1.2 kg alone.

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