McLaren 600LT Spider

600LT Spider

Aero perfected

This is a car shaped by exhaustive wind tunnel testing and priceless experience

Many lessons were learned when developing the P1™, 675LT and the McLaren Senna… knowledge that has been applied relentlessly to the 600LT Spider. From the moment air meets the aggressive carbon fibre front splitter, the powerful aerodynamics are optimising its flow.

By the time it’s slipped around the fixed rear wing and through the powerful new diffuser, the air has been managed, coerced and persuaded to work with the car. This creates big advantages. Aerodynamic efficiency, cooling and downforce all reap the benefits.

McLaren 600LT Spider
True to the name

A McLaren only wears the ‘LT’ badge when it’s undergone a radical and uncompromising programme of change. It’s got a lot to live up to. Nothing escapes attention. That’s why the 600LT Spider is by far the lightest car in its class. And why it engages you so completely when you drive it. The target when creating the car was to save 90kg. The final result? 94.1kg. A figure that rises to 102.2kg with the optional Clubsport pack. Built around the immensely strong and light MonoCell II carbon fibre chassis and lightweight aluminium bodywork, the silhouette is 47mm longer. With good reason. This elongated tail generates an extra 100kg of downforce at 155mph (250kph).

McLaren 600LT Spider
Cooler is better

For the 600LT Spider’s engine to deliver its sustained rush of power, it needs cool air. Lots of it. There’s a host of ingenious extra cooling solutions… from nose to tail. Even the front splitter has twin end plates that guide air into low temperature radiators mounted beneath each darkened headlight unit. And the trademark Dihedral doors channel air into unique enlarged side air intakes. The tonneau cover, that so intelligently stows the lowered roof, also guides cool clean air over the engine bay. Look at the carbon fibre rear deck and you’ll spot larger, finer mesh. It’s better for drawing hot air away from the engine and high temperature radiators.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Shaped by winners

The fixed rear wing works in harmony with the rear spoiler. Every detail contributes. The curved, cross section profile and angle of attack all increase downforce. The exact position of the fixed rear wing’s support pylons, and their tapered form, improve yaw performance. In the centre section of this functional sculpture, there’s a special heat-resistant coating. It’s there to resist the high temperatures generated by the top-exit exhausts. So every element works perfectly together.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Extreme downforce

The carbon fibre rear bumper with its integrated diffuser is classic LT… where everything contributes to everything else. Because the brilliant top-exit exhausts free up more space, the new diffuser is wider and features deeper vanes. The 600LT Spider’s longer rear end design allows the diffuser to be longer too, starting from the rear axle. All this makes it far more powerful. Deeper vanes create a low-pressure zone that draws the car towards the ground. The greater length diffuses air more gradually into the airstream behind and improves aero efficiency.

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