Blue McLaren Senna GTR

McLaren Senna GTR

Born to devour any track. An instant legend

The McLaren Senna GTR took its performance further than any other with the objective: to deliver the quickest McLaren lap times outside F1.

It had the same raw purity of focus as the McLaren Senna – but, set free from all road and motorsport regulations. Ruthlessly paired back, sculpted and honed, strictly for the track. The Senna GTR’s figures speak volumes. Power to weight is 645PS per tonne. Downforce was up to 1000kg.

Just 75 vehicles were made and like its road-legal predecessor, all were sold within days of the car’s unveiling.

The power to weight ratio, for example. It comes in at 694PS per tonne (that’s the highest of any track focused McLaren). And the downforce. The McLaren Senna GTR delivers up to 1000kg of the stuff. Imagine what that would feel like. This is simply the most extreme, engaging and raw track experience… and nothing less.

Blue McLaren Senna GTR - Power & Performance

The McLaren Senna GTR has a formidable power source: the ferocious McLaren M840TR 4-Litre Twin-Turbocharged V8 that made the road-legal Senna so ballistic, but developing 825PS – an extra 25PS. And 800Nm of torque. Place this glorious engine in the perfect, mid-mounted position in an ultra-light, razor-sharp track car and the results are spectacular. But it’s not all about raw power. There is also motorsport-derived suspension that delivers poise and superb handling. The kind of precision and control that brings car and driver as close as possible.

Blue McLaren Senna GTR - Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre defines the core structure of every McLaren. The Senna GTR is no exception. It’s built around our immensely strong and super-light carbon fibre monocoque – the perfect platform for delivering shattering performance, laser-precise handling and a remarkably composed ride. In the GTR, things are taken to another level. Honed for competition. Fine-tuned for the track. Making the McLaren Senna GTR’s MonoCage III-R the absolute race-focused apex of McLaren chassis design. And it was competition-ready from the start, with FIA certified 6-point harness fixing points.

Blue McLaren Senna GTR - Track Focussed Supercar

An experience this intense doesn’t feel legal. And, on the road, it isn’t. The McLaren Senna GTR was designed to be totally focused on dominating race circuits. And this extreme, single-minded approach can be seen in every carbon fibre surface and form. From the radical enlarged front splitter and dive planes, to the rear diffuser and integrated rear wing endplates. Together, these signature elements contribute to incredible aerodynamic efficiency and huge downforce – 200kg more than the road-legal Senna. It’s simply mind bending. For high-speed stability, grip and driver confidence, the McLaren Senna GTR raised the game.

Blue McLaren Senna GTR - Drag Reduction System

The McLaren Senna GTR rewrote so many rules. Its highly advanced aerodynamics made it a dynamic revolutionary – using a host of ground-breaking technology first developed in Formula 1. The GTR active rear wing with air brake and drag reduction system (DRS) is a prime example. Working in harmony with the front aero blades, it pivots automatically – reducing drag at high speed, or increasing downforce under braking. It’s all about optimising weight transfer, harnessing airflow and putting it to the best possible use. And it’s partly why the McLaren Senna GTR’s huge performance potential has always been so remarkably accessible.

Blue McLaren Senna GTR - Tail

The McLaren Senna GTR is always on the drivers side – with a whole host of driver-focussed racing technology. The Anti-collision Radar System is a perfect example. This came straight from high-end endurance racing and provides a major advantage on track. Because peripheral vision is reduced by a race helmet, the system delivers vital live information about the position of other cars. It also sends alerts about cars passing on the left or right. For absolute focus and control, the racing steering wheel and Race Driver Display put the fundamentals exactly where they need to be. At a driver’s fingertips. Technology was also developed to help drivers improve and refine their skills. The VBOX HD records input from the cars sensors and video footage from driven laps. So, after a drive, it’s possible to scrutinize each move, and all data. To get faster and more competitive.

Blue McLaren Senna GTR - Speed

The McLaren Senna GTR was designed to communicate. The driver receives a rich flow of feedback – in every sense. With Pit to Car Radio and Intercom, it’s easy to talk to trackside crew – so they can be ready to provide instant services whenever the driver returns to the pits. The system also allows communication between driver and co-driver, or the race coach on track. Information is power, and power had never felt quite like it does from the McLaren Senna GTR’s FIA racing seats. These super-light carbon fibre seats provide perfectly judged support – ready for the high g-forces experienced during cornering and braking.

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