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The art of the possible

McLaren Special Operations

Every McLaren is shaped by pioneering technology and our obsession with perfection. McLaren Special Operations [MSO] goes further. We put you at the centre of the process, collaborating with you to shape supercar history by creating truly unique cars. 


At MSO, performance, innovation and craftsmanship combine to deliver what we call ‘the art of the possible’.

Virtually limitless

Unleash your imagination. It could be a bespoke finish. A brand-new component. Even a whole new material. Whatever your inspiration, our unique experience and creative ability can make it happen.

MSO Inspiration
Bridging inspiration

Our dedicated team of expert MSO designers and engineers is at your disposal. From ideation to realisation, we work closely with you to shape your vision. And make it a reality at our facility in Woking.

“McLaren Special Operations is where McLaren’s innovation and your vision meet. We call this the art of the possible. It’s a creative process that pushes the limits. We’re fiercely proud of the unique cars that result from our collaborative efforts with our customers.”
Ansar Ali
Managing Director, MSO
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MSO Defined offers an exclusive range of additional features for your new or existing McLaren, available directly through your retailer. Each is designed to allow you to personalise the appearance and character of your car. In form. In finish. 

At MSO, the limits are set only by imagination. From a one-off finish, material or colour that reflects your individuality. To crafting a unique car that breaks the boundaries of conventional personalisation.

We were founded to maintain the seminal McLaren F1. We still do. But now our scope has grown… to care for each game-changing McLaren, and its owner through our servicing, maintenance and certification programmes.

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