McLaren 570GT


Perfectly balanced

For all its comfort and luxury, the 570GT is a thoroughbred sports car. The carbon-fibre chassis, lightweight aluminium body and a twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8 engine contribute to an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.

McLaren 570GT
3.8-Litre V8 Engine

The all-aluminium twin-turbocharged engine is mounted extremely low in the chassis for enhanced agility. Torque is served progressively over an incredibly broad powerband, encouraging the driver to use all 8500rpm. A stop-start system seamlessly shuts down the engine when stationary, improving efficiency and refinement.

McLaren 570GT
7-Speed Gearbox

The seven-speed seamless-shift gearbox can be used in Auto mode for maximum convenience, or controlled via steering-wheel-mounted rocker-shift paddles for manual gear selection.

McLaren 570GT
GT Wheels & Tyres

The unique design GT cast alloy wheels (19" front and 20" rear) are fitted with Pirelli P-Zero™ tyres. Optimised for all year round performance and refinement, the P-Zero™ minimizes unwanted road noise with its noise cancelling foam technology.

McLaren 570GT
Carbon Fibre MonoCell

The MonoCell II is a strong and rigid chassis that weighs less than 80kg. The result is exceptional crash protection, outstanding dynamics and an unrivalled power-to-weight ratio.

570GT Brake Discs

Brake System with Iron Discs

The lightweight composite brake system with aluminium hubs and iron discs provides optimum feel and modulation even when cold. Carbon ceramic brakes are available as an upgrade.

'S' Handling Pack

The ‘S’ Handling Pack allows customers to combine the styling and practicality of the 570GT with the same legendary handling characteristics of the 570S Coupe and Spider. To achieve this, the pack focusses on four key areas: suspension, steering, tyres and ESC calibration.

The adaptive dampers and springs on the 570GT are changed to the same components and calibration that are fitted to the 570S Coupe and Spider, offering a more focussed driving experience across all three handling modes. The ‘S’ steering rack and front uprights combine to provide the immediate response that faster steering offers, equipping the 570GT with quicker change of direction and fantastic turn in.

Pirelli P Zero™ Corsa Tyres are included as part of the ‘S’ Handling Pack, replacing the standard Pirelli P Zero™ tyres. The P Zero™ Corsa tyres offer outstanding levels of grip and performance, as well as being better suited to more dynamic driving on the road or track. The ESC is also recalibrated to the same calibration as the 570S Coupe and Spider to work with the mechanical changes that are made to the 570GT.


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