McLaren 600LT


Bordering on obsession.

Drivers of the 600LT will want to push themselves to the edge; we do the same

We asked ourselves… what can we strip away? What’s the absolute minimum? How can we push beyond the advantages already offered by our carbon fibre chassis and lightweight aluminium bodywork?

Inspired by the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ and 675LT, the team behind the 600LT achieved a staggering 96kg weight reduction. And the weight can be reduced still further with the MSO Clubsport Pack.

This is how we unlock performance worthy of an LT.

Carbon fibre is key

The heart of the 600LT is a lightweight carbon fibre chassis – as it has been with every McLaren since 1981. We are the only company within the sportscar segment to offer this construction technology. The unique MonoCell II ‘tub’ is incredibly strong and this structural stiffness improves handling, agility and ride comfort. The same light, stiff and strong composite material is used for the special aerodynamic bodywork of the 600LT. The aggressive front splitter and front floor, revised side sills and extended side intakes are all constructed from carbon fibre. So too the fixed rear wing, elongated rear bumper and wider and deeper diffuser. Everything that can be made lighter, has been made lighter.

Track-focused interior

Extreme weight reductions are found across 600LT. Take the Carbon Fibre Racing Seats. First seen on the P1™ and subsequently used on the 675LT, the total weight saving is a remarkable 21kg. To further reduce weight the 600LT utilises lightweight Alcantara® extensively throughout its cabin. It also does not feature carpet in the footwells or beneath the seats. And there is no air conditioning, audio or navigation system (though these are non-cost options should the customer wish). A thinner windscreen and rear bulkhead screen proves even the glazing has not escaped forensic attention of our engineering team.

Lighter wheels and tyres

The new Ultra-Lightweight wheels are the lightest ever fitted to a Sports Series. Forged in aluminium alloy and bespoke to the 600LT, the exclusive 10-spoke design reduces weight but is incredibly strong. In conjunction with bespoke P ZERO™ Trofeo R tyres engineered with technical partner Pirelli, the gross saving is 17kg. And the reduction in unsprung weight provides a noticeable benefit to the dynamic capabilities. The adoption of the latest-generation braking system from the 720S is responsible for a further 4kg saving, thanks to the use of lightweight aluminium calipers and stiffer carbon ceramic discs.

Taken to the edge by MSO

To create the lightest possible 600LT, the MSO Clubsport Pack from McLaren Special Operations features a carbon fibre roof, carbon fibre cantrails, carbon fibre front fender louvres and titanium wheel bolts. Bringing our Ultimate Series technology to the 600LT, a further feature of the MSO Clubsport Pack are the Super-Lightweight Carbon Fibre Racing Seats from the McLaren Senna. Due to an innovative double-skin technology, the weight of the seat shell is reduced by 33 per cent in comparison with the same seat shell manufactured using conventional carbon fibre processes. The total weight saving of the MSO Clubsport Pack is 9.3kg.

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