McLaren Genuine Parts

McLaren Genuine Parts

We don’t compromise. Neither should you. You can’t hide it. The ear-to-ear grin as the raw power of your McLaren takes hold. But moments like this are only made possible by one thing…

Meticulous McLaren engineering. Inside and out.


Every single component of your car has been designed, tested and fine-tuned to reduce weight. To extract more efficiency. To boost performance. In short, to deliver the level of exhilaration you expect from our cars.


On every journey. Every road. In every condition.


McLaren Genuine Parts are exclusively designed and engineered for our cars. They go through the relentless development process we apply to everything we do.


This is the approach behind every one of our Genuine Parts. Because, when it comes to maintaining the authentic McLaren driving experience, your McLaren deserves nothing less.



 McLaren Reduced Weight
Increased Strength, Reduced Weight

Watching the scales is something of an obsession for McLaren engineers. Because they know great things come from saving weight. Take the McLaren’s dashboard and steering column for example. A vital part of its interior structure is a cross beam that helps to increase cabin rigidity. As a mark of authenticity, each cross beam is branded with our logo. In the process of perfecting the beam, the engineering team discovered that, by spark engraving rather than embossing, they could reduce the weight of the magnesium alloy. The spark engraving saved 2.4 grams. Which might not seem like much. But it’s testament to the meticulous attention to detail we apply to weight saving across every part of every McLaren. It’s simple, really. It all adds up, to keep weight down.

McLaren Genuine Parts Grip
Get a grip

Everything must have a purpose. Everything must perform its role perfectly. It’s this ethos that runs through McLaren. And it’s for that reason our design team works with hand-picked Pirelli technicians to develop performance compounds exclusively for McLaren road cars. For tyres that work perfectly in step with their power and performance. After all, we spend every moment fine-tuning the technology behind our cars. So why compromise on how they connect to the asphalt? And because we know McLaren drivers love both track and road, there are tyres for every occasion. The P ZERO™. The Corsa. And its Sottozero 3 winter weather variant. Tyre designs that don’t just provide supreme grip and stunning stopping distances, but superb driver feedback too. You’ll spot the letters ‘MC’ on every McLaren-Pirelli tyre. It marks our seal of approval, following our rigorous testing, to confirm the perfect tyre match for your McLaren.

 McLaren Genuine Parts

Guaranteed to perform

Every part of your McLaren is there for a reason. Each component has earned its place. 

That’s why the validation programme for our alternator took 600 hours. Plus another 100 hours of durability testing, simulating 826 laps round the Nürburgring (at an average speed of 125.6 mph, if you were wondering). 

This is no off-the-shelf option, like other manufacturers might settle for. We designed it. We built it. We made sure it could perform to the highest standards. Then we fitted it to our cars.

In other words, just like all our Genuine Parts, a McLaren alternator is uniquely McLaren… because a McLaren is unlike anything else out there.

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