McLaren 600LT


Taking it to the edge

Our design philosophy?

For the 600LT it’s simple. A focus on pure driving exhilaration. Nothing more. From the top-exit exhausts to the race car-inspired carbon fibre bodywork, we have pushed the boundaries to set a new sportscar benchmark.

Inspired by the renowned 675LT and its iconic ‘Longtail’ racing predecessor, the 600LT is the most extreme incarnation of the McLaren Sports Series. One built to excel on roads and race circuits, to take driver engagement and excitement to the absolute maximum.

McLaren 600LT
Unique top-exit exhausts

The 600LT features an exhaust system even more extreme than that of the McLaren Senna. Mounted literally over the driver’s shoulder it brings the incredible sounds of the powertrain right into the cabin. And because the exhaust plume changes shape with throttle angle and vehicle speed, the position within the rear deck and the exit angle of the twin stainless steel pipes has been optimised to work with the fixed rear wing. At all throttle positions. At all speeds. Our philosophy is one of ‘total design, so the top-exit exhausts further contribute a significant weight reduction, enhanced engine responses and improved powertrain cooling.

McLaren 600LT
Enlarged carbon fibre intakes

To accommodate the increased cooling demands of the new high-performance 600PS twin-turbo engine, the carbon fibre side intakes of the 600LT have been enlarged by 15mm. The dihedral doors – a feature on every McLaren road car since the iconic McLaren F1 from the 1990s – also have a distinctive ‘floating’ tendon. This works to channel additional air into the ultra-efficient intake, providing cooling for the high-temperature radiators. The enlarged side intakes, and all of the new specialist carbon fibre aerodynamic components, feature an imposing Dark Palladium finish as standard. To fully reveal the light yet strong material, Gloss Finish Visual Carbon Fibre can be specified.

McLaren 600LT
Intensive engineering

The aggressive appearance of the 600LT is a function of its track-focused intent. It sits closer to the ground because the 8mm reduction in ride height improves body control and enhances low-speed agility and high-speed stability. The front wheels are further outboard because the 10mm wider front track imbues the 600LT with the front-end responsiveness expected of a ‘Longtail’. Even the discreet carbon fibre Aero Winglets just behind the front wheels – and akin to those on the P1™ – work together with the carbon fibre side skirts running down each flank to enhance aerodynamic efficiency.

McLaren 600LT
Form follows function

Many of the distinctive features of the McLaren 600LT contribute towards the aerodynamic excellence. The ‘shrink-wrapped’ design carefully channels airflow over every panel. The shape of the wing mirror arms minimises the cross-sectional area, improving cooling efficiency by two per cent. The ‘floating’ cantrails increase downforce by 8kg without any corresponding rise in drag. And the airflow through these unique flying buttresses not only enhances the flow of cool, clean air over the rear deck and engine bay to improve powertrain heat management. It now also drives airflow over the centre section of the new fixed rear wing to optimise downforce.

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