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Verdant Theme GT by MSO


Extraordinary heights of personalisation. Cutting-edge craftsmanship.

MSO exists to create the world’s most individual supercars. Which is why we’ve brought to life the Verdant Theme GT by MSO.

A showcase of McLaren Special Operation’s (MSO) breathtaking expertise – both inside and outside a McLaren. Verdant Theme is inspired by the changing landscape of a grand tour. Of lush green forests as the miles and seasons pass – from dark hues to light.

Upon its launch last year, the new GT set new rules for the grand tourer segment. Similarly, MSO continues to break new ground. To set new boundaries for bespoke personalisation. Verdant Theme serves as inspiration for what can be achieved when great, creative ideas and automotive artisans come together. And a stunning demonstration of the precision and freedom that exists at MSO to create whatever you want…



Setting new boundaries

From dark to light. The satin tri-tone blend emerges and merges as you look from front to back of the GT. The colours fuse, fade, blend and contrast to mesmerising effect. An incredible hand-painted finish that delivers more intrigue the closer you get. So fine it tricks the eye. Satin yet shimmering. Bold yet ultimately subtle. The result of an incredible 430 hours of focused workmanship. Verdant theme wears three new MSO Bespoke green paint colours. Horsell Green is inspired by the depth of colour in the woods by the McLaren Technology Centre. Arbor nods to a varied canopy in lush European forests. While Steppe Green – the lightest of the three – evokes the vast expanses of high, fertile grassland plains.

Side Sills
Precision and freedom

A pinstripe of Napier Green against the gloss black finish of the side sills and front splitter with matching brake calipers underlines Verdant Theme – a strong hue that punctuates the subtle, flowing colour lines of the GT’s body. The MSO Black Pack gives a stealthy, gloss black finish to key areas – the 15-spoke forged alloy wheels, exhaust finishers and upper window surround. While, exclusively for Verdant Theme, the door mirror caps are finished in distinctive Horsell Green.

Only the finest ingredients

Warmth and comfort. Heightened luxury. A first for the segment. Verdant Theme features cashmere blend on seats and trim in charcoal grey. This supreme-quality material adds a sumptuous touch to the interior – on the centre tunnel, door inserts, sun visor, the lower section of dashboard as well as main sections of the seats. A touch of Laurel Green on the seat micro piping brings the external theme subtly into the cabin. While the ‘GT by MSO’ dedication plate speaks clearly of the car’s rarity.

Verdant, inside and out

Acting as an elegant frame to the cashmere – and to complement the exterior – various features are trimmed in Dark Green, Jet Black and Laurel Green leather. Stitched MSO branding in the headrests provides a discreet reminder that this is no ordinary grand tourer.

'The Grand Tourer of McLaren’s range provides a sophisticated and elegant canvas for our artistry, but also I hope the spark that will inspire every McLaren owner as they seek ever more ways to personalise their car. Whether it is GT, sports convertible, track supercar, or the new McLaren Elva'.
Ansar Ali
Managing Director, McLaren Special Operations

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