McLaren 600LT


Hard times. Fast Lines.

The new 600LT is a true ‘Longtail’

Lower. Longer. With an extended silhouette that optimises the aerodynamics. Built from lightweight carbon fibre, the new aerodynamic package features a unique fixed rear wing.

The increased levels of downforce – 100kg at 250km/h (155mph) – generate more grip and high-speed stability for improved track performance. It shapes the feeling you get behind the wheel. Connecting you to the drive like nothing else.

McLaren 600LT
A true 'Longtail'

The new carbon fibre bodywork of the 600LT extends both its front and rear dimensions to increase downforce levels. The aggressive carbon fibre front splitter is the first crucial point at which the air interacts with the incredibly powerful fixed aerodynamic package. The airflow is separated, directed and worked around, over, under and even through the sculpted ‘shrink-wrapped’ bodywork. The rear of the 600LT has been extended by 47mm to improve vehicle downforce. This elongated tail also allows the new fixed rear wing to be mounted further back for optimal aerodynamic efficiency.

McLaren 600LT
Enhanced cooling for improved track performance

Directly behind the front splitter is a new carbon fibre floor. Not only lighter and stiffer, it features subtle blades to generate downforce. And set within this flat floor are two new intakes. They channel additional cooling air onto the front brakes, to meet the higher braking loads generated by the increased speeds and performance of the 600LT. The exact shape of the intakes has been carefully tuned to not direct excess airflow into the front wheelarches. This reduces air pressure in the wheelarches, and minimises the flow of turbulent or ‘dirty’ air along the sides of the vehicle. Vehicle drag is cut, and powertrain cooling is improved.

McLaren 600LT
A carbon fibre fixed rear wing unlike any other

The new carbon fibre fixed rear wing works in conjunction with the new aerodynamic devices at the front of the 600LT, to maintain optimal vehicle balance at all times. And the curvature of the fixed rear wing, its cross-sectional profile and angle of attack have all been tuned to increase downforce. The central section of the fixed rear wing features a special heat-resistant coating to counteract the high temperatures generated by the top-exit exhausts. It is clear evidence of the brave engineering solutions used on the 600LT.

McLaren 600LT
A more powerful diffuser

With the exhausts repositioned atop the engine, the rear bodywork can now be shrink-wrapped even tighter. View the McLaren 600LT from behind and you can see how the fenders have been pushed even closer to the engineering hard points, exposing the rear tyres and creating the carbon fibre Rear Bumper Aero Fins. These vent pressure from within the rear wheelarches, and guide the airflow rearward. The new carbon fibre rear diffuser is more powerful because of the physically longer tail of the 600LT. And it is further enhanced because the repositioned exhausts mean it can now be both wider and taller.

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