McLaren 720S Spider


720S Spider Performance

Light. Strong. Staggeringly fast. With astonishing feedback. The 720S Spider offers blistering Super Series performance when you want it. And perfectly refined manners when you don’t. In short, it’s something you simply won’t find outside the world of McLaren… a drive-everyday, out-and-out-supercar.

720S Spider
The beating heart

Maximised power. Sharpened response. And increased efficiency. The McLaren 4.0 Litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine delivers 720PS (hence the car’s name) and 770 Nm of torque. If you’re not into details, let’s just say that’s immense power. Or if you love the details, you might be interested to take a peek in the exposed engine bay – which shows off the car’s powerhouse through dramatic illumination. After all, when an engine’s this incredible, it’s a shame to hide it.

720S Spider
Take things up a gear

Silky smooth. Or sharp as a razor. The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) is just as adaptable as every other element of the 720S Spider – offering different characteristics as you navigate each driving mode. There’s added drama too. In Sport mode, the gearbox momentarily cuts the ignition spark during a shift – improving gear change times. While in Track mode, our Inertia Push technology comes in to play. This employs built-up kinetic energy to deliver an impulse of torque as the next forward gear is engaged. Ensuring uninterrupted acceleration. So the choice is yours. More focused responses for when you’re pushing performance on a hot lap. Or a more refined feel when you’re simply out for a top-down cruise.

720S Spider
Drive it your way

Luxurious tourer? Or exhilarating driving machine? Sometimes you want one... sometimes the other. With the 720S Spider, you get both in one car. Incredibly. Genuinely. The driving characteristics of the car dramatically change when you switch driving modes. You can choose between three – Comfort, Sport and Track. Comfort delivers exactly what its name promises – a refined drive that’s effortlessly perfect for everyday journeys. Dial up to Sport or Track to increase chassis stiffness through the hydraulic anti-roll and dampers, and the car becomes increasingly honed for performance. And delivers simply amazing feedback.

720S Spider
A solid foundation

Safe. Rigid. Light. Like every McLaren, a carbon fibre monocoque is the backbone of the 720S Spider. It’s based closely on the carbon fibre architecture of the 720S Coupe. In fact, that’s the beauty of the Monocage II-S. It has so much inherent strength that we didn’t need to make significant changes (or increase the weight) to allow for the Retractable Hard Top. So unlike other convertibles, no additional strengthening of the windscreen surround was needed. The ultra-slim A-pillars, too, remain untouched – delivering supreme visibility through the wide windscreen. The result? The 720S Spider offers the same blistering performance as its Coupѐ forerunner… with the added exhilaration of roof-down driving.

McLaren 720S Spider

The perfect balance

Those who’ve driven a McLaren never forget the feeling of its ride quality. Thanks to our Proactive Chassis Control II, the 720S Spider delivers a driving experience no other supercar comes close to. The system uses an incredibly advanced algorithm developed as part of a PhD study at the University of Cambridge. It’s fed by live data from several points on the car – constantly monitoring the car’s dynamics, rather than assessing driver inputs. Additional sensors are fitted in the uprights and dampers to measure wheel acceleration, as well as pressure in the dampers themselves. All-in-all, it delivers the ultimate performance in balancing body control and ride comfort. Which gives the 720S Spider a staggering breadth of ability – wherever you choose to drive it.

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