You feel the thrill of the drive, sense the connection to the road, hear the twin-turbo V8 roar as it hits peak rpm. But it all started with a blank piece of paper and our engineers wondering how they could make the perfect sportscar.

McLaren 650S

The low front accelerates airflow below the car, creating downforce that maximises traction and cornering ability, giving you extra confidence to push to the limit.

McLaren 650S

The harder you drive the McLaren 650S, the more it sticks itself to the road. Part of the reason lies with the Formula 1™ inspired flat underside and rear diffuser, which provide significant levels of downforce.

McLaren 650S
Side Vents

Heat is the enemy of performance, and the harder you drive, the hotter things get. The side intakes force air into the cooling radiators keeping heat to a minimum for maximum performance.

McLaren 650S

Press hard on the carbon ceramic brakes and the Airbrake deploys for even mightier stopping power. The Airbrake can also be partially deployed to act as a rear wing, increasing rear downforce by 20%, while a Drag Reduction System lowers it to maximise straight-line performance.

Carbon Fibre Monocell
Weight Weighing just 75kg, the MonoCell is lighter, stronger and stiffer than comparable steel or aluminium designs, so it’s safer and gives the McLaren 650S the best possible base for thrilling dynamics.
Performance The lightweight carbon fibre MonoCell ensures the McLaren 650S has the handling of a race-bred supercar. It’s future-proof too: carbon fibre does not degrade like metal, so the 650S will feel as agile and be just as safe for decades to come.
Torsion The 650S Coupé and the 650S Spider are built on identical carbon MonoCells. So they provide the same torsional rigidity, structural integrity and performance characteristics.
Safety Born out of our Formula 1 expertise, the integral strength of the carbon fibre MonoCell provides exceptional levels of safety for you and your passenger.
A huge part of the reason the McLaren 650S feels so intimately connected to the road is the carbon fibre MonoCell at its core. It’s strong, it’s light, it’s safe, it doesn’t flex when you finally dare to take Flugplatz flat. It makes the McLaren 650S feel fantastic. We pioneered the use of carbon fibre in Formula 1 and in production road cars. For over 30 years, every car we have made has had carbon fibre at its core. It took 4,000 hours to make each carbon fibre chassis on the McLaren F1. Twenty years of innovation later, it takes just four hours to produce the MonoCell that makes the McLaren 650S feel so special.
McLaren 650S

Active Aerodynamics

You’ll love it because it looks gorgeous, but it took hundreds of hours of advanced computational fluid dynamics, weeks of wind tunnel testing and an obsession with perfection to create the breathtaking contours of the 650S. The result is beautiful bodywork that just happens to help your lap time.

Every curve, every crease, every intake, every millimetre of the 650S is honed to improve aerodynamic performance.

McLaren 650S

Brake Steer

Banned from our championship-winning MP4-13 Formula 1 car, the innovative Brake Steer system is applied on road or track by the McLaren 650S.

Brake Steer uses the rear brakes to subtly manage traction, minimise mid-corner understeer and control oversteer when you corner at speed, allowing you to unleash the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8’s full performance in maximum safety and to breathtaking effect.

Factoring speed and steering angle, this system works out the perfect cornering trajectory. It then applies the exact amount of braking force required to the rear inside wheel as you corner – allowing the car to effectively pivot around the desired path.

proactive chassis control

Proactive Chassis Control (PCC) gives you the best of both worlds, from supple suspension in town to roll-free cornering on the racetrack for ultimate exhilaration. PCC is the most radical rethink of sports car suspension design in half a century, and addresses the conflicting objectives of dynamic handling and comfortable ride, to set new standards in both.

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