McLaren 650S Spider

650S Spider


The 650S is the world’s most versatile supercar, and the Spider takes that one step further with a retractable hardtop that retains the 650S’s breathtaking dynamics while opening you up to a whole new dimension of driving enjoyment.


You’ll love it because it looks gorgeous, but it took hundreds of hours of advanced computational fluid dynamics, weeks of wind-tunnel testing and an obsession with perfection to create the breathtaking contours of the McLaren 650S Spider. The result is beautiful bodywork that just happens to help your lap time. Every curve, every crease, every intake, every millimetre of the McLaren 650S Spider is honed to make you swoon as well as improve aerodynamic performance.

Brake Steer

It was so good that they banned it from our championship-winning MP4-13. Now you can enjoy Brake Steer on road or track in the McLaren 650S Spider. Brake Steer subtly uses the rear brakes to manage traction, minimise mid-corner understeer and control oversteer when you corner at speed, allowing you to unleash the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8’s full performance in maximum safety and to breathtaking effect. Factoring speed and steering angle, this system works out the perfect cornering trajectory. It then applies the exact amount of braking force required to the rear inside wheel as you corner – allowing the car to effectively pivot around the desired path.

McLaren 650S Spider



It’ll take you less than 17 seconds to drop the Spider’s roof, but it took our obsessive engineers six months to drop its weight from our target of 50kg to an even lighter 40kg. That means the mechanisms required to open, close and store it have so little effect on the McLaren 650S Spider’s centre of gravity that it’ll feel just as good scything through a corner as the McLaren 650S.




The McLaren 650S Spider has a staggering top speed of 204mph, just 3mph less than the 650s. Even more remarkable, our obsessive engineers ensured that the Spider’s drag increase is minimal at only 3% with the roof down.





Proactive Chassis Control (PCC) gives you the best of both worlds, from supple suspension in town to roll-free cornering on the racetrack for ultimate exhilaration. PCC is the most radical rethink of sports car suspension design in half a century, and addresses the conflicting objectives of dynamic handling and comfortable ride, to set new standards in both.

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