McLaren 12C Spider

12C Spider


Innovative technology. Uncompromised performance

The 12C Spider takes open-top driving to a new level. A pure McLaren, its innovative design and Formula 1™ inspired technologies make it one of the most versatile and potent supercars on the road.

WEIGHT The mechanisms required to open, close and store the RHT roof adds weight. Weight being the enemy of performance, our engineers weren’t satisfied when they reached the 50kg weight target set for the roof. Six obsessive months later, they’d got it down to 40kgs. Making it the lightest RHT roof on the road.
DRAG Convertibles are less aerodynamic than coupes, especially with the roof down. Working obsessively, our aerodynamicists managed to limit the increase in drag to just 7% when the roof is stowed. It is a peerless achievement.
SPEED When you drive a convertible, you don’t want to pull over to put the roof down. The 12C Spider’s retractable hardtop roof is fully operational at speeds up to 30kph. It will also open or close in just 17 seconds.
DESIGN The tonneau cover’s design ensures the 12C Spider’s glorious engine remains visible even when the roof is stowed. The inventive design also created 52 litres of luggage space beneath the tonneau to help maximise the space.
No roof. No compromises. That was the goal. When we developed the Retractable Hard Top (RHT), we set aggressive performance targets. Numbers that, at the time, seemed unachievable.
McLaren 12C Spider

Active Aerodynamics

It took hundreds of hours of advanced computational fluid dynamics, weeks of wind tunnel testing and an obsession with perfection to create the contours of the 12C Spider. Technically beautiful and performance focused, the 12C Spider is an aerodynamic work of art.

McLaren 12C Spider
McLaren 12C Spider

Carbon fibre monocell

We pioneered the use of carbon fibre in Formula 1™ and in production road cars. Our knowledge and experience of carbon fibre is unrivalled and our success with it is unmatched. For over 30 years, every car we have made has had carbon fibre at its core.

It took 4,000 hours to make each carbon fibre chassis on the McLaren F1. Twenty years of innovation later, it takes just 4 hours to produce the MonoCell at the heart of the 12C Spider.

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