MSO Defined Titanium SuperSports Exhaust

Titanium SuperSports Exhaust

MSO Defined

Titanium SuperSports Exhaust


Enhance your McLaren Sports Series with the Titanium SuperSports Exhaust from the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) Defined range.

Louder and with a sharper, more characterful exhaust note, the MSO SuperSports Exhaust maximises the exhilaration and driver engagement that is uniquely McLaren.

When compared to the Sports Exhaust, the MSO SuperSports Exhaust is up to 5 decibels louder and becomes increasingly prominent as the mid-mounted twin-turbocharged engine surges above 5000rpm.

The exhaust’s ‘straight through’ construction sees the removal of the muffler boxes and resonator found in the standard system, enabling exhaust gasses to flow through unrestricted, unleashing the full potency of the V8 engine.


Sharper, more characterful note

It’s not just louder, the sound is transformed to a sharper and more characterful note, a striking difference which can be heard both inside the cabin and by the side of the road. Whilst noticeably enhanced, our engineers have ensured that the sound is not intrusive. Asymmetric balance pipes stabilise the exhaust pulses from each side of the engine, eliminating booming sounds at lower engine speeds so the practicality and everyday usability of your Sports Series is maintained. At low revs a clean, reassuring burble can be heard, building anticipation and providing a preview of what’s to come. As the throttle opens, the character progresses to a satisfying crescendo as the engine surges towards the redline – the perfect audible reward for more spirited driving.

MSO SuperSports Exhaust
Lightweight design

The MSO SuperSports Exhaust has been engineered using titanium rather than steel, embodying McLaren’s lightweight design philosophy. When combined with the removal of the resonator and muffler boxes, this change in material delivers weight savings of 4.8kg (10.6lb), further rebalancing the centre of gravity towards the middle of the car. Titanium is not only known for its exceptional strength-to-density ratio and resistance to heat, it also enhances acoustic resonance, cleanly conducting the engine’s natural character through the system.

Exclusive finishes

The exhaust looks as good as it sounds and is available in two exclusive tailpipe finishes. Choose between MSO Nano Clear or MSO Nano Black, which both utilise innovative nanoclear ceramic coating. This scratch and tarnish resistant material helps to protect the exhaust against the effect of kicked-up road debris and heat-induced discolouration.

MSO SuperSports Exhaust
McLaren Genuine Accessory

The MSO SuperSports Exhaust, designed by McLaren Special Operations and developed at the McLaren Technology Centre, is now available to be fitted to your existing Sports Series model by your appointed McLaren Retailer at a time to suit you. Contact your McLaren Retailer for more information. The MSO Defined Titanium SuperSports Exhaust is not available in all markets. Please check with your Retailer.

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