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McLaren Genuine Parts

The precision behind the power.


Every McLaren is built without compromise. Every design, every process and every part has been planned, perfected and proven to achieve the very best possible results in terms of precision, power and performance.

We believe that there’s no other way to produce the perfectly poised, supremely capable and infinitely rewarding driving experience.

That’s why we produce genuine replacement parts for your McLaren to the same highly demanding standards and with the same materials that went into the original production of your car.

Every part is faithful to our methodology, each one precision engineered to tolerances that produce maximum performance while shaving off every unnecessary gram of weight to deliver the perfect balance.

The McLaren name has been legendary in motor sport since Bruce McLaren founded his first Formula One team in 1963. That’s over 50 years spent in the pursuit of perfection. Over 50 years of testing, refining and fine-tuning every part of every car to arrive at what we believe to be the very definition of precision and power. Now we’ve introduced a range of service parts exclusively designed and engineered to fit our road-going cars.

The quality of McLaren Genuine Parts make them the best investment you could make in maintaining your car. They fit first time, perfectly, ensuring that performance is never compromised, that the driving experience remains authentically McLaren.

So when the time comes to replace a part on your car, make sure you choose the only items tailor-made for a perfect fit. McLaren Genuine Parts.


Every car needs a battery. It’s such a basic requirement that it often becomes an afterthought. An off-the-shelf item to simply fit and forget about. If it does its job, why think about it? At McLaren we look at things rather differently. Our engineers treat every part of every car as an integral part of the whole. Naturally that includes reducing weight in every possible area. An average car battery weighs 17.8kg. That’s quite a weight, as you’ll know if you’ve ever fitted one yourself. Our team found that a little excessive and made steps to design a battery that could serve the same purpose but with a substantial weight reduction. The result is a battery that packs the same power, is just as durable yet weighs less than half as much as a conventional unit. So, should you need to replace the battery in your McLaren, give it as much thought as our engineers. You’ll come to the same conclusion. The only battery that matches the precision and power of your car is the McLaren Genuine Part.



Smooth running

While a wet sump may be adequate for the overwhelming majority of road cars, it’s no accident that every car designed for track use, and the performance that demands runs a dry sump system. In a wet sump, a large amount of oil sits in a tank under the engine, pumping oil upwards on demand. This puts limits on the height and weight of an engine, where the tank can sit, and can even dictate the car's centre of gravity. It can also mean that, under hard cornering, the engine can be alternatively starved of or flooded with oil due to the inescapable laws of physics. A dry sump system means that oil is supplied directly to the right place, at precisely the right time. It also means that we can design the oil tank to be the ideal shape, the optimal weight, and place it exactly where we want to. Naturally, our engineers spent a great deal of time meeting all those criteria. Over 700 man hours, in fact. All spent on the design of the tank, validating its location on the vehicle, perfecting the feed to the system and guaranteeing its ability to keep the engine running properly. Only a genuine McLaren tank has been subject to the meticulous standards of the McLaren team.


Each and every part of your McLaren has been visualised, designed and precision engineered for maximum performance. So, when you’re in the driving seat, it’s important that your vision is as clear as ours. While it’s still a thing of beauty, we don’t let the cosmetics of our wiper system get in the way of performance. Visibility for both driver and passenger is paramount, so our engineers developed a non-symmetrical, pantograph arm mechanism, which allows the blade to not only sweep but also rotate, ensuring optimal contact with the windscreen at any speed. This allows each blade to sweep well beyond the legal requirements of vision, yet still park so low that it never impacts forward visibility in dry conditions. Every part of every McLaren is there for a reason. The reason is performance. The route is precision.



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