McLaren Special Operations

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is our bespoke division, dedicated to helping you take McLaren ownership even further.

We create cars around an owner’s precise tastes, and we’re able to provide everything from bespoke customisation options through to building ultra-exclusive limited-edition or one-off models. Our mission is to make what is already special into something truly unique, to create your perfect McLaren.

It started with the F1


MSO launched in 2011, but traces its origins to before the foundation of McLaren Automotive and all the way back to the launch of the McLaren F1 in 1992. We were determined to offer owners of the world’s most special car a customer care programme as unique as the F1 itself. That meant a unique personalisation service for customers who wanted to tailor the F1 to their exact requirements, technicians who would literally travel around the world for service and maintenance, as well as the first application of modem-enabled diagnostics.

We also discovered that, as cars changed hands, new owners wanted to personalise their F1 to their own tastes – so the F1 Customer Care programme catered to those needs, and began to offer bespoke upgrades as well.





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