765LT Power


Intoxicating Power

765LT Power

Everything about the McLaren 765LT is focused on deploying power

Where, when and how you want it. So every last drop of the 765PS available can be put to thrilling good use. This attention-grabbing power comes from a re-engineered version of the same hardcore 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 that propels the McLaren 720S. But here it Designed with a range of updates that generates an extra 45PS. And a phenomenal 800Nm of torque.

Optimised gear ratios, with a unique and shorter final drive ratio created from Formula 1 grade materials, adds an even more savage edge to acceleration. While McLaren Senna engine technology and uprated high-flow fuel and oil systems, unleash the inner LT. And the proven mid-engine rear wheel drive layout is perfectly formed for getting this incredible power to where it belongs.

765LT Power
Beyond numbers

765PS. Enough power to change the game. To make history. Because the 765LT is the most powerful LT model ever. It raises the bar. And rewrites the rules. The McLaren -designed 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 produces 45PS more than the mighty 720S. A number that sounds far less shocking than it feels. But in a 1,339kg car with such singular, obsessive purpose you quickly leave the numbers behind. Nothing prepares you for the feeling. Intoxicating, focused power. Delivered with emphatic, savage precision. Deep reserves of torque help to make the 765LT tractable, flexible, ultimately usable. 800Nm from 5,500rpm to be precise. But this is about much more than numbers.

765LT Power

Shared DNA. It makes every McLaren special. Unmistakable. The volcanic engine at the heart of the 765LT is living, breathing proof. It’s fundamentally the same world-beating powerhouse you’ll find in the 720S. Enhanced with LT engineering… The result is a howling, thrilling 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 that redefines performance and responsiveness on road or track. A design we have made our own. And a design we have tirelessly honed to take LT to the next level. That means introducing a triple-layer head gasket from the McLaren Senna, plus uprating the high-flow fuel and oil systems. While the optimised gear ratios, with a unique final drive built from Formula 1 derived materials, take acceleration to a new apex.

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