McLaren 675LT


Designed To Thrill

Not only does the exterior design of the 675LT create maximum visual impact, but it also helps unleash its staggering performance. The race-inspired front splitter is now 80 percent larger and the distinctive rear ‘Longtail’ Airbrake’s aspect ratio increased by some 50 percent; both additions help increase downforce by an incredible 40 percent compared with the already efficient 650S. The unprecedented use of carbon fibre for a car in this class – including both new bumpers, and the entirely redesigned rear fenders and rear deck – also contributes to a substantial 100kg overall weight saving; a 1230kg dry weight makes the 675LT lighter than all class competitors, and gives an astonishing power-to-weight ratio of 549PS per tonne.

Inside, the performance-focused, weight-optimised design continues. Carpet has been removed revealing the carbon fibre MonoCell at the heart of the 675LT. Comfortable yet purposeful racing seats save 15kg, while larger rocker shift gear controls inspired by the McLaren P1™ underline the performance credentials of the 675LT.

McLaren 675LT

Ultimate Form Ultimate Function


Optimised 675LT weighs 1230kg – 100kg less than the lightweight 650S


+ 40%

Aerodynamic enhancements bring a new level of downforce to the

McLaren Super Series



Obsessive attention to detail resulted in thinner glass, saving over 3kg

In a McLaren, nothing is superfluous

The stunning design of the 675LT satisfies the most demanding of engineering requirements, minimising drag, optimising downforce and enhancing cooling wherever possible. The fact that it looks unbelievably exciting at a standstill is a rewarding by-product of this approach.

McLaren 675LT

The carbon fibre bonnet of the 650S Can-Am features stunning weaves of carbon fibre and a deep coating of lacquer for the ultimate finish. Not only does the carbon fibre bonnet create an incredibly striking appearance, but this advanced material also reduces weight for enhanced performance.

McLaren 675LT

The new carbon fibre rear deck features two enlarged air outlets, ensuring the additional cool air required by the more powerful M838TL engine can escape once hot. It also complements a new design of titanium exhaust, with distinctive twin circular outlets that create a unique visual signature.

McLaren 675LT

The active ‘Longtail’ Airbrake is now 50 percent larger to optimise downforce, but also lighter due to carbon fibre construction. It is subtly integrated with the all-new carbon fibre rear deck when not deployed, automatically increases aerodynamic stability at speed, and deploys more aggressively under hard braking to support the carbon ceramic brake discs and reduce forward pitch. A more aggressive carbon fibre rear diffuser further contributes to the incredible levels of downforce.

McLaren 675LT

Re-engineering the in-house-developed M838TL engine to produce 675PS (666bhp) and 700Nm (516lb ft) necessarily demands an increased flow of cool air. As a result, the carbon fibre side intakes are significantly enlarged compared with 650S models, while all-new carbon fibre side skirts include an additional air intake to increase flow and contribute to the increased downforce generated by the all-new front splitter, rear deck, ‘Longtail’ Airbrake and diffuser.

McLaren 675LT
McLaren 675LT

Long associated with an uncompromising motorsport ethos, lightweight Alcantara is offered as standard equipment throughout the interior. Durable, high-grip and incredibly tactile, Alcantara features across the cabin, including the racing seats, dashboard and steering wheel. Carbon fibre trim provides an ideal contrast to this high-tech upholstery, and features a satin-lacquered finish to reduce weight and generate maximum visual impact.

McLaren 675LT

An Alcantara trimmed three-spoke steering wheel provides high grip levels and unprecedented tactility, creating the ultimate sense of connection between car and driver. Elongated steering wheel-mounted gearshift paddles finished in satin-lacquered carbon fibre, meanwhile, ensure gear changes are easily accessible in the heat of on-track battles. A central rev counter featuring an exclusive laser-etched 675LT logo complements these specially tailored changes.

McLaren 675LT

With a sensational 675PS (666bhp) at your disposal, and suspension and aerodynamics enhanced for even sharper handling, it’s essential you’re held securely in place while pushing the 675LT to its limits. Racing seats derived from the already iconic McLaren P1™ are the ultimate solution. Featuring carbon fibre construction and trimmed predominantly in Alcantara with leather detailing, the racing seats contribute 15kg to the overall 100kg weight saving.

McLaren 675LT

The 675LT’s engineers have left no stone unturned in the quest to save weight and heighten driver engagement. Even the air-conditioning system, for instance, has been removed to save a further 11.5kg, but can be specified as a no-cost option if desired. Elsewhere, the climate controls previously located on the armrests have been removed altogether to reduce complexity and weight; the driver now controls these settings via the central touchscreen.

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