McLaren 650S


Built Around You

Every millimetre of the 650S’s Carbon Black Alcantara interior has been meticulously optimised for maximum driving pleasure and unparalleled comfort.

McLaren 650S
Race-crafted Steering Wheel

Grip the tactile, small-diameter steering wheel and your fingertips’ sense of connection to the McLaren 650S echoes that of our racing drivers in a Formula 1™ cockpit – the shape, the grip and the feel were all inspired by the steering wheels in our race cars. There are no buttons or switches to diminish the purity of interaction between man and machine.

McLaren 650S
Formula 1- Inspired Gearshift

The McLaren 650S features a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox for super-fast gearshifts and peerless efficiency. You can control those gearshifts via a Formula 1-inspired rocker shift paddle mounted on the steering wheel. That means gearshifts are always at your fingertips, whether you’re flat-out through Eau Rouge or trickling through Monaco’s Grand Hotel Hairpin. A new feature allows for stacked shifts when the driver pulls the rocker shift multiple times, delivering the change directly to the desired gear. Or just select Auto and let the car do the work.

McLaren 650S
Panoramic View

Not only does the 650S’s styling take your breath away, its exterior and interior have also been designed to keep your eyes on the road. The dashboard is laid out simply and logically, the steering wheel uncluttered. The low cowl – another benefit of the powerful V8 being positioned behind you – allows you to scan the road without obstruction, while the tops of the arches are positioned directly above the front wheels and are clearly visible from the driver’s seat. This means you can position the 650S perfectly, whether you’re clipping an apex at the Nürburgring or manoeuvring into a parking space.

McLaren 650S

With a potent twin-turbo V8 at your disposal, it’s essential that you can easily locate every control in the McLaren 650S’s cabin. That’s why we’ve grouped every button and switch to reflect how often you’ll use them, minimising the time you need to look away from the road, or making it so intuitive that you simply don’t need to. Buttons that tailor the driving experience are grouped logically in the centre console; those for the climate-control zones are in the door panels to create an elegant symmetry.

Integrated Intelligence - Optimised Design

Whilst the McLaren 650S delivers supercar levels of performance, there is no need to compromise on luxury and convenience. The McLaren 650S provides media, communications and entertainment systems as standard equipment including SIRIUS for North American markets and DAB for those in Europe. The optional IRIS system adds state-of-the-art navigation, and includes a bespoke seven-speaker Meridian audio experience that delivers fully immersive surround-sound.

McLaren 650S
Optimised design - ADP

Refined cruiser one minute, hard-edged racer the next, the McLaren 650S’s ADP allows you to tailor feel and responses to suit the conditions or your mood. Handling and performance characteristics are individually configurable, each with Normal, Sport and Track settings. These modes have been tuned to complement the McLaren 650S’s performance-focused character. From behind the wheel you’ll feel the McLaren 650S’s firmer damping and greater body control, but ADP ensures the McLaren 650S also retains the class-leading ride comfort that you would expect from a McLaren. Normal mode: the perfect setting for day-to-day driving. Ride quality and powertrain are optimised for your comfort and refinement, while interior noise is reduced and fuel-efficiency increased. Sport mode: the best way to enjoy the McLaren 650S’s staggering performance on the road. You’ll immediately feel the engine and gearbox’s extra response, while the chassis firms up further so you can get the best from the McLaren 650S’s addictive handling and performance. Electronic Stability Control remains active to keep you safe. Track mode: forget day-to-day comfort, Track mode transforms the McLaren 650S into a thoroughbred racecar perfect for the circuit. Change gear and you’ll feel the visceral engagement of the dual-clutch gearbox; accelerate hard and the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8’s unfiltered soundtrack swirls around the cabin; and now the suspension resists body roll even more, and suddenly you’ll wonder if you really do need to lift the throttle for that final corner. Track mode also allows you to turn off Electronic Stability Control for the ultimate challenge.

McLaren 650S

bespoke interior

If you want to inject your personality into your car, you can. If you want a particular colour,
approved fabric or trim, McLaren Special Operations (MSO) will colour and style your interior
to your exact requirements, and to our unmatched level of craftsmanship.



How the suspension connects you to the road, how quickly the gearshifts react to your inputs, even the volume of the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8… ADP’s Normal, Sport and Track modes allow you to tailor the 650S to your ideal driving preferences. Refined cruiser one minute, track-day thrill-seeker the next.

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