MSO Bespoke is our dream factory, dedicated to finding a way to say yes to almost any request. Your imagination really can be the only limiting factor.



MSO was established to help our customers realise their dreams. MSO Bespoke sits at the very heart of that mission, offering an almost limitless level of customisation. If you want it, and it’s possible, then we will do it.

Options range from choosing unique paint, trim and colour options – we can colour match anything you like – through to making far more substantive changes, even building a unique vehicle to your personal specification. 

“Our mantra is ‘The Art of the Possible’ so only inspiration and appetite are the boundaries for our customers.  MSO offers the complete personalisation service, from design to technical distillation delivered courtesy of outstanding craftsmanship and incomparable levels of personal service.” Ansar Ali, MSO Managing Director

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MSO Bespoke will work with you to create a car completely attuned to your tastes. Not only can we produce trim and upholstery in almost any colour you can imagine, but we also offer the widest choice of materials. Components can also be redesigned if required, or new functionality added. 

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The carbon fibre MonoCell that lies at the heart of every McLaren allows unprecedented freedom to make changes. It is possible to combine totally original bodywork with the core mechanical componentry and engineering purity of a McLaren - from an initial sketch to the road.

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Our colour and trim team loves to be challenged, and are experts at delivering almost any colour you can think of, or suggesting colours that will complement anything you want to match. Components can also be presented in lacquered carbon fibre, with the ability to add colour to these, or even deliver bespoke weave patterns.

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MSO Bespoke’s team of designers will work with customers to help them create their perfect car, putting them at the very centre of the creative process. From subtle changes to radical alterations, MSO will do anything you desire as long as it’s road legal and involves the use of approved materials.

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'The exercise starts with the customer describing what they want. I’ll draw it and they might say, “I never thought of it that way.” We have got to help them in the right direction – it has to be a McLaren, it has to look right. Customers are more open to new ideas and advice than you would imagine.

'After that comes drawing, 3D design, clay feasibility studies, building the part and fine-tuning it. For a different part I do around 20 sketches, then select, model, verify and refine it - like a sculpture. In McLaren this is quite a challenge because the part has to meet the exacting standards of the rest of the car. It’s also a challenge because you are working with a car that is optimised already.’ 

Esteban Palazzo, Designer - McLaren Automotive


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