McLaren 600LT Spider

600LT Spider

Design. Presence

The aggressive design language is LT to the last detail

The radical fixed aerodynamic package features a unique rear wing. The car is longer at both ends. And lower. The retractable hard top and tonneau storage area flow perfectly into the whole. The 600LT Spider does nothing by halves. And it shows. Among the muscular forms and sharp lines are elements that could only ever be McLaren.

The dramatic rear buttresses and dihedral doors. The signature daytime running lights in the shape of the famous speedmark – now darkened and featuring a bespoke 600LT design. Roof up or down, the 600LT Spider has a sense of perfect balance. Everything is there for a purpose. Upholding the LT name in open-air style.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Sonic boom

Unique to the 600LT models, the top exit stainless steel exhaust system is pure drama. And yet also purely functional. Reducing weight and sharpening engine response, it also enhances powertrain cooling. And like so many elements on this extraordinary car, it delivers an aerodynamic advantage – leaving space free around the rear bumper and diffuser for more streamlined bodywork. Then there’s the noise. Venting straight up and out of the twin-turbocharged V8 engine, the system creates a breath-taking range of sounds. Felt as much as heard, this is the LT’s unique signature sound. And with the roof down and the glazed wind deflector lowered, it’s even more vivid and extreme. It will leave you short of breath. It will have you wanting more.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Two cars in one

The retractable folding hard top operates at speeds up to 25 mph (40kph). In less than 15 seconds the roof lowers and stores – and suddenly you’re sitting in a different kind of LT. One where the sense of speed is even more intense. And the incredible exhaust sound fills the cabin. Using proven technology from the 675LT Spider, the folding hard top system puts conventional soft tops in the shade. Made from sheet moulding compound (SMC) composite that’s lighter than fabric, we’ve minimised the weight gain over the 600LT and kept the centre of gravity low. This unique design is also much more refined when closed – filtering out unwanted noise so you can fully enjoy the soundtrack of your drive. It’s far better at shrugging off bad weather too.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Sheer intensity

A McLaren LT is born to deliver pure, uncompromised driving thrills. At the edge… where extreme engineering and total driver engagement meet. The 600LT Spider delivers this intensity… and then some. Engage launch control, then floor the throttle. The acceleration from a standing start is incredible, as the 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8 explodes into life. There’s 600PS and 620Nm of torque right behind your shoulder. And the 600LT Spider’s dry weight of just 1,297kg delivers a class-leading power-to-weight-ratio of 463PS per tonne. Ignition Cut, as used on the 675LT, creates whip crack gearshifts. And responses are kept razor-keen by a lighter, stiffer chassis. Quicker steering ratio. And stiffer front suspension, engine and transmission mounts. Brake feel is perfectly tailored for serious track use – thanks to a booster derived from the savage McLaren Senna.

McLaren 600LT Spider
Back story

In the 600LT Spider, every element works together perfectly to manage airflow. Exactly as you’d expect on a car that can top 200mph (322kph). You can see it in the elegant arc of the rear buttresses – designed to guide air from the front of the car to the tail. The rear tonneau cover enhances the movement of cool clean air over the rear deck and engine bay, boosting heat management. It also drives air over the centre section of the iconic fixed rear wing. With its distinctive elongated tail, the 600LT Spider’s fixed rear wing can be mounted further back. The result is optimum aerodynamic efficiency and a perfect balance between drag and downforce.

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