MSO Defined

Extended possibilities

MSO Defined

Begin with one of the most thrilling, exclusive cars on the road. Then take it on a personal journey. This is MSO Defined… where you can consider a breadth of additional features available to specify with your retailer. Choose from an extended paint palette, and a range of striking carbon fibre components that cut weight further still. To components that fine-tune your car’s aerodynamics. 

MSO Defined
A wider spectrum

Body colour reflects your personality at a glance. MSO Defined brings an extended range. Each with distinct characteristics, from enhanced depth of colour to weight saving.

MSO Defined
Lighter still

Your McLaren is shaped by advanced lightweight design. Our expanded range of beautifully formed carbon fibre elements lets you sharpen the focus on lightness. All of which, are covered by McLaren’s standard warranty.

MSO Defined
Personal focus

MSO Defined takes you closer to a McLaren that delivers a truly personalised driving experience. By exploring our range, you can fine-tune your car’s attributes. For example, performance focussed options and packs that sharpen your car’s dynamics.

MSO Defined
In the details

The finer points bring everything together. Explore a wide range of individual touches. For example, matching key backs. Discover the possibilities for your McLaren below.

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Discover how MSO can create your unique McLaren

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