McLaren Senna GTR

Driving in another dimension

Uncompromised and unconstrained by road or racing regulations, the McLaren Senna GTR is the fastest, lightest, most aggressive and engaging McLaren to date.

It generates astonishing levels of downforce, utilises track-focused suspension derived from our GT3 race programme, and is powered by an extreme 825PS 4.0-litre twin turbocharged V8 engine. The result is a machine able to lap circuits faster than any McLaren outside Formula 1, and provide its owners, of all abilities, with an unparalleled track driving experience. We join the development team at Estoril – where Ayrton Senna scored his first Formula 1 victory – to uncover how the McLaren Senna GTR has pushed the limits of what is technically possible, while Bruno Senna explains how this car advances your track driving experience into a whole new dimension of performance.

Senna GTR

Uncover how unique carbon fibre bodywork – including a larger front splitter, rear diffuser and integrated rear wing endplates – ensures the McLaren Senna GTR produces the same levels of downforce as the McLaren Senna, but at 15% lower speeds.

Senna GTR

From the Inconel and titanium exhaust to the bespoke calibration of the engine control unit, the meticulous and detailed engineering changes reduce powertrain weight, increase the peak output to 825PS, and heighten the aural experience.

Senna GTR

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