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McLaren Automotive continue to monitor the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic closely. The well-being of our customers, our colleagues and our communities is our priority, as we endeavour to provide as much of the normal services and information as is possible in each market, at the time. 

Contact Service and warranty Experiences



Our Retailer network are working hard, within the guidelines of local government advice, to provide the high levels of service and support expected from McLaren. If your Retailer is not currently available or you are not able to obtain the information you require, please contact our Client Services team using the details below. ​

McLaren Client Services​

Phone: +44 (0) 1483 357900 ​

Email: [email protected] ​

Opening Times: 0900 - 1730 (BST)​

If you are based in North America, please contact: ​

Phone: +1 855-202-8815 ​

Email: [email protected] ​

Opening Times: 0900 - 1730 (CST)​

Maintenance and Warranty​

During this time, we understand you may have questions about the Service, Repair and Warranty requirements of your McLaren. In all instances, please use your Retailer as your primary contact. ​

Where this is not possible, please use the advice provided below.​

If you have any questions related to delays in routine scheduled maintenance, or any other enquiries about the 3 year manufacturer warranty of your McLaren, then please contact McLaren Client Services. 


Extended Warranty, Qualified Warranty and Extended Service Contract​

If you are looking to purchase an Extended Warranty* or Extended Service Contract (ESC)** please contact McLaren Warranty Administration Services via [email protected]. Please ensure you do this prior to the expiry of any existing McLaren Warranty or ESC cover to benefit from renewal pricing. ​

Should you experience an issue with your vehicle, covered by an existing policy, please notify McLaren Warranty Administration Services via [email protected] as soon as possible. ​

For any other enquiry, please contact McLaren Client Services. ​

Due to the continually evolving situation, McLaren Automotive may update the advice provided on our website at any time. Please continue to refer to this page for the latest information.​


*Extended Warranty is not available in North America, Australia or Latin America​

**Extended Service Contract is offered as an alternative to Extended Warranty in North America and previously Australia. 



We understand that committing to attend an event so far in advance is difficult given the current global uncertainty around international travel. We have therefore amended our Terms and Conditions.


If you wish to cancel your event order because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you may be entitled to a refund for any costs paid directly by you to McLaren as part of the Event Programme, including the non-refundable deposit if applicable. You will be entitled to a refund in the following situations:


  1. The government of the country in which the event is due to take place enforces a lockdown in that country over the period of the event due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.
  2. The government of the country in which the event is due to take place prohibits all bar essential travel from your departure country to the event due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.


Please note, it is your responsibility to have read and understood the destination country’s travel requirements. If travel to the destination country is possible, but you are unable to travel due to inadequate or missing Covid-19 related documentation or certification (such as mandated Covid-19 test results, or your vaccination status), you will NOT be entitled to a refund.


Should you have any queries, the McLaren Experiences team are on hand. Simply email us at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 1483 262035.

McLaren supports the Ventilator Challenge UK

McLaren supports the Ventilator Challenge UK

As part of the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium, McLaren is proud to support the call to build much-needed ventilators for the UK health care system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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