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What do we commit to

At McLaren Automotive, sustainability is integral to our commitment to being the world’s most pioneering luxury supercar maker. As a global brand, with complex supply chains, diverse customer groups and a worldwide workforce, we take a holistic approach to sustainability. 

This means focusing not only on environmental considerations, but also prioritising social equality, building long-term and mutually beneficial community partnerships, and pursuing the kind of sustainable technological innovations that will benefit both McLaren, and the societies in which we operate.

See below for just some examples of our commitment to sustainability.

McLaren Technology Centre at night with all lights on

McLaren Technology Centre

Constructed in 2003, our state-of-the-art Technology Centre was designed with sustainability in mind. The 30,000m³ ornamental, which borders the building, forms an integral part of the building’s cooling system, while the double-glazed south-facing side and cantilever overhangs allow for maximum daylight throughout the year.

In any building, generating electricity creates a by-product of heat. However, at MTC this heat isn’t a by-product for very long, as our combined heat and power system (CHP) is used elsewhere in the building to regulate temperature.

MTC’s large flat roof is a result of stringent height restrictions, but in true McLaren style we turned this into an advantage, creating a roof that is not only self-cleaning but collects rainwater which is then used to refill the all-important lake.


Our commitment

McLaren Park
Collaborating with volunteers, McLaren took on the task of rejuvenating the greenbelt that surrounds MTC. As part of this endeavour, we replaced unhealthy topsoil, planted 100,000 trees and shrubs, laid down footpaths and welcomed public access. As a result, we saw wildlife, that hadn’t been seen on the site for years, quickly return. Within the space of a few months, the MTC parkland was the proud home of orchids, skylarks, waterfowls, six species of dragonfly, grass snakes and even kingfishers have been spotted!

Zero Waste to Landfill

At McLaren, we successfully implemented a sustainable waste management strategy across all our UK sites which has meant that we have avoided sending any generated waste to landfills since 2018.

Carbon Trust

We are extremely proud to have held the carbon trust certification since 2011. It is a standard that demonstrates our continued commitment to reducing our carbon footprint year on year.

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