An air of elegance

The design of the McLaren 720S Spider by MSO is inspired by the car’s groundbreaking aerodynamics, and showcases what our bespoke division can do

The McLaren 720S Spider is a car shaped by the power of the air. From the innovative headlights, which direct air internally through the car, to the flying buttresses, which feature an ‘aerodynamic carrier’ to guide airflow – every part of the bodywork is designed to minimise drag and enhance cooling. It’s a stirring example of our ‘form follows function’ design ethos, and the end result is stunning.

Now McLaren Special Operations – our bespoke division which specialises in creating truly unique cars – has taken the 720S Spider to another level. 

Introducing the McLaren 720S Spider by MSO. This very special model accentuates the aerodynamic elements of the car’s design – such as the front splitter, lower door panels, lower side air intake panels, and rear bumper – and emphasises how the air moves across the bodywork. The ‘Coriolis’ paint blend is formed of three MSO metallic hues – Cerulean Blue, Burton Blue and Abyss Black – and took 260 hours to apply, such was the complexity of achieving this finish.

The body of the car is painted in Meteorite Grey, an MSO Bespoke colour developed specifically for this design theme. Other external features include the addition of an MSO Defined Gloss Carbon Fibre Tonneau Cover, as well as our Stealth Pack, Sports Exhaust, and the ingenious Electrochromic glass roof.

The interior is trimmed in specially developed Burton Blue Alcantara® and Jet Black leather, complementing the exterior look. MSO Bespoke branding can be found around the cabin, such as on the debossed headrests, while carbon fibre has been used extensively throughout.

The overall result is a subtle and sophisticated look, yet one that demonstrates MSO’s attention to detail and creativity. It showcases the diversity of the work the bespoke personalisation service can undertake, and some of the advanced techniques it has developed.

‘Aerodynamic innovation is such an integral part of the 720S Spider that using this new paint design to highlight areas that work hard to manage how air flows over the car – literally how the car ‘breathes’ – was the natural approach to take,’ says MSO’s Chief Designer, Darryl Scriven. ‘This is a car that truly merges artistry with the science of aerodynamics.’

The McLaren 720S Spider by MSO will be shown alongside the 600LT Spider by MSO at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show.