Pirelli winter tyres: more than meets the eye

Our winter wheels and tyres set gives you the most from your Sports or Super Series McLaren, whatever the weather

McLaren owners are renowned for getting the most out of their cars, often driving them every day of the week. Now, it’s even easier to use our Sports and Super Series models all year round. Working closely with us, Pirelli has developed a very special winter tyre specifically for these cars – the Pirelli MC SOTTOZERO – which is available as part of our winter wheels and tyres set.

At first, these tyres might look like any other, but take a second glance. Now you’ll notice the sipes – the small, angled grooves in the rubber – designed to trap snow. As anyone who’s ever made a snowball will know, snow sticks to itself better than almost anything else.

What you won’t be able to see is the softer rubber compound, which remains tacky in low temperatures, when a summer tyre would harden and traction tail off. It helps give the SOTTOZERO superior grip, not just on snow, but also whenever the temperature drops below 7°C (45°F). The result is a reduction in stopping distance by up to 20 per cent on snowy roads, and 10 per cent in cold, wet conditions, compared to using summer tyres.

In fact, winter tyres bring such an improvement in cooler weather that they’re a legal requirement in some countries during the colder months. After driving a SOTTOZERO-equipped 570GT across a frosty moorland road in almost-freezing conditions, we can see why.

Designed and engineered especially for McLaren, the tyres are branded ‘MC’ – our own seal of approval – and incorporate the McLaren tyre-pressure monitoring system. For Sports Series cars, they come mounted on Sport 10-spoke cast-alloy wheels, while Super Series models get Sport five twin-spoke cast-alloy wheels. Both come in a dark grey ‘Stealth’ finish.