McLaren Speedtail


An Innovation in personalisation

The Speedtail is overflowing with extraordinary engineering

And yet, in its simplest form, it remains in some ways a blank canvas. That’s because the design team wanted to create a car with the option for unprecedented levels of personalisation.

The bespoke possibilities for the Speedtail cover every imaginable facet of the car. And innovations abound. From a finer-weave carbon fibre that allows images and words to be included in the very construction of the fabric. To precious metal options for the interior and exterior of the car. And innovations in paint technology that allow for an ultrafine finish that appears almost liquid in form.

Never before has a McLaren owner had such incredible scope to personalise their car… to make it truly their own.

McLaren Speedtail

Yet the possibilities for customising the Speedtail’s carbon fibre do not end here. And nor do the innovations. For this extraordinary car, we pushed our pioneering expertise with the material even further. Creating a brand new weave and finishing option that sit worlds away from carbon fibre’s traditional look. And provide vast opportunity for bespoke personalisation.


The Speedtail’s carbon fibre uses a finer 1,000 fibres per thread, instead of the standard 3,000 fibres. Its ‘digital loom’ production process combines state-of-the-art technology with traditional Italian textiles knowledge to create an intricate pattern. One that is only enhanced by our thin ply technology (TPT) milled finish – which stunningly exposes the carbon’s stratified construction to resemble flowing water. The resulting carbon fibre is truly unlike anything else on the road.

Speedtail Seat Detail

Unique finishing. It’s a theme that continues through the Speedtail’s application of leather, too. The starting point? The world’s finest leather, of course – crafted from first-class, unblemished north European hides. From this rich source material, the McLaren design team developed innovative forms that take this exceptional quality material to new heights.

There’s a specially-treated lightweight, durable leather that covers the car’s floor. An innovative technical leather on seating that aids both entry and grip. And ultimate-quality full aniline and nubuck leathers that envelop the dashboard. These are the pinnacle in automotive materials – cosseting driver and passengers in the ultimate luxury. And offering extraordinary possibility for customisation in both pattern and colour.

McLaren Speedtail

McLaren designers also developed an innovative metallic-effect paint technology for the Speedtail. This incredible finish uses ultrafine pigment grains that are virtually imperceptible to the eye. For liquid-like mirror reflectivity with true, dynamic depth and shimmer that comes to life in the light. Just as incredible is the flawless hand-painted quality. And our almost limitless paint-matching technology for personalising the car’s colour.

McLaren Speedtail

Our design team have created a range of gold, silver and platinum finishing accessories – including the car’s front and rear badges. They also pushed the boundaries of interior metal design with bespoke anodised aluminium brightwork.

Each precious metal is stamped with a distinct set of symbols – a unique hallmark developed just for the Speedtail. The results represent the latest in exclusive materials design – creating a very special sense of occasion. For a very special car.

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