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We're proud to present two aesthetic schemes to bring this design philosophy to life - Explore and Timeless. Meticulously developed by our design team, each focuses on different aspects of the Elva. 

A simple name. A wealth of meaning. McLaren’s first open-top road car is pure in form. And singular in vision. Lightweight, mid-engine, extraordinarily dynamic. Elva connects the driver to the elements – and to the road – like nothing else.


In its remarkable design, our latest Ultimate Series takes its inspiration from McLaren’s heritage. The name, too, links back to our pioneering past. But it is just a nod. Because the new Elva is the ultimate contemporary interpretation of these historic principles.

Designing a car like Elva comes with many, unique challenges…

It is open to the elements. Which means the interior needs to both provide a haven for the driver while connecting them to the world beyond. It is also focused on out-and-out performance to produce the most exhilarating drive… yet must achieve the highest possible levels of luxury.


McLaren’s answer was, of course, to innovate. In technology. And in materials. Our design and engineering teams drew inspiration from industries far and wide. Taking tried and tested knowledge that has stood the test of time. And applying it in brand new ways.


Over the following pages, we introduce several automotive firsts. Answers to questions that hadn’t even been considered before Elva was conceived. All to enable us to create this incredibly light, extraordinarily nimble and, of course, open-air hypercar.


Durable. Weather-resistant. Lightweight. Super-premium Ultrafabrics™ is a material for the future. Drawing inspiration from high-end performance materials used in private jets and luxury yachts, this is a highly functional covering perfectly developed for outdoor use. It’s created through a complex layering process that uses specialised water jets. And is an entirely animal-free product. Functional, yes. But in no way utilitarian. This is the pinnacle of contemporary luxe with an incredibly tactile finish. It’s available in five bespoke colours – Electric Blue, Carmine, Gecko Green, Caviar Black and Ice White.

Reflective micro piping

Drama. It is an undeniable feature of Elva. By day, our micro piping feature adds a subtle touch to the overall presence of the car. By night it glows, responding to ambient light to add to the theatrical, head-turning aesthetic of this extraordinary car. Available in Ember Orange and Black. It can be used to enhance headrests or frame various aspects of the cockpit.


Ultimate quality. Innovative design. In the Timeless scheme, our exceptional leathers make for an incredible textural experience across the cockpit. Rich, soft grain leather is used for Elva’s soft trim as standard. Then we raise the stakes… with flawless Enhanced Full Aniline and Nubuck leathers. Enhanced Full Aniline with an added protective barrier for weather protection, yet still maintaining the haptic of a smooth, natural leather. Natural. Virtually untouched. They offer supreme indulgence. And create an astonishing sense of luxury.

Carbon Fibre

Exhilarating drives are built on the ultralight foundation of carbon fibre. For Elva, the entire body is constructed from our signature material. The Explore scheme uses our flawless 3K weave. While Timeless features the rarefied touch of our exclusive Ultimate Series 1K weave – first seen on the Speedtail. A range of seven MSO colour tints introduce further character to both materials.

Exhaust finisher

Lighter. Stronger. Harder wearing. Elva’s 3D printed titanium exhaust finishers use cutting edge production technology to deliver the ultimate in performance and aesthetics. Designed to perfectly complement the Explore design vision in natural titanium colour. A dark version is also available through our Stealth Pack.


The perfect finishing touch. Each of our brightwork elements are machined from solid metal and are available in a choice of colours and finishes. Choose from Galvanic Grey, Zircon and Champagne. Then apply the finish that goes best with your interior scheme – whether that’s brushed or, for certain colours, sandblasted. Elva is an uncompromising design – with the interior on permanent display. Brightwork adds a unique visual element.

Precious Metals

A distinctive name. Presented with distinction…The badges for the Elva can be platinum or 18 carat white gold, whilst the front badge can be inlayed with shimmering TPT carbon fibre. The McLaren logo on the nose, plus the logo and model name on the rear, are created using artisan techniques, some of which date back 200 years. Then they are stamped with the bespoke McLaren hallmark to guarantee their quality. Far beyond traditional badges, these are more akin to flawless pieces of jewellery.


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