McLaren GT



The perfect balance

It’s a fine balance. Between power and weight. The ratio has to be right. Often in the Grand Tourer class, the scales tip in the wrong direction. Big front-engine cars are the norm. And they’re normally heavy… adding even more weight every time they up the power.

The GT resets the scales thanks to hundreds of kilograms of honed, weight saving design. At 1530kg, it is perfectly balanced, race-bred mid-engine layout. The car’s new V8 delivers immense power and torque, a thrilling exhaust note and class-leading fuel efficiency. With a low centre of gravity for exceptional agility and a stable ride. Power and weight, in perfect balance.

McLaren GT
The supercar for every day

The GT is a joy to drive. Because it’s light, stiff and has a glorious mid-mounted engine for ideal weight distribution. And because McLaren DNA flows through every part. The advanced Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system, for example, keeps the car safe and stable in all kinds of conditions. As with every McLaren, there’s a brake steer system too. Always ready to subtly slow the inside rear wheel to sharpen turn-in and reduce understeer – giving you the confidence to apply the power earlier in challenging twists and turns. There are hidden advantages, too – without the need for a traditional limited-slip differential, complexity and weight are minimised.

McLaren GT
No compromise

The contrast between natural agility and heavy engineering… It’s the difference between a finely balanced instrument and a blunt implement. Just like its no-compromise mid-engine layout, the GT’s carbon fibre MonoCell II-T chassis is unique in its sector. And a far cry from the conventional alternatives. Its incredibly low weight and stiffness make an ideal platform for the all-new cutting edge suspension. While electro-hydraulic steering – an older technology that’s yet to be bettered in terms of direct feel – offers unparalleled levels of driver feedback. Telepathically responsive when you want it to be. Yet effortless at low speeds or around town.

McLaren GT

Cool. Calm. Composed.

When speeds climb and the road vanishes into the horizon, the GT reveals a key strength… Its straight line stability is outstanding. Inspiring confidence as the scenery flashes by. Unique rear axle geometry works with the fixed rear wing and rear diffuser to ensure poise and precision.

True to the spirit of McLaren, aerodynamics unlock performance. Airflow is prevented from wrapping around the rear bodywork, which improves aero efficiency and reduces drag. And allows the GT to power across continents with arrow-straight stability.

McLaren GT
We don’t break the rules. We make them.

It begins where car meets road… To create new rules, the fundamentals of suspension and tyres have to be exceptional. Bespoke cutting edge Proactive Damping Control suspension delivers a ride and handling balance that has to be experienced. While lightweight aluminium components and electronically controlled twin-valve dampers provide individual compression and rebound performance that’s in a class of one. Painstakingly developed with Pirelli, the bespoke P ZERO™ tyres are the definition of multitalented. They’re built to enhance dynamics, steering feel and ride comfort while lowering noise. And they can take every condition in their stride, including cold and wet driving conditions.

McLaren GT
Ferocity, refined

The McLaren 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine is the beating heart of many or our incredible cars. Yet this one is different… Born to deliver smooth linear acceleration and flexibility. The key is 630Nm of torque produced from 5,500rpm to 6,500rpm. Available in a sustained relentless flow. Not in one frantic peak. Many components are totally unique to the astonishing engine. Like the new aluminium pistons. And ultra-low inertia twin turbochargers. Unlocking more efficiency. Seamless power. And a fast response that feels relentless. Innovative packaging keeps its centre of gravity low for ultimate balance and handling. The GT has the depth of sheer supercar performance and all-day refinement at its heart.

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