Introducing highly specialised new versions of the McLaren 570S: the Design Editions and Track Pack.



Few cars are able to switch from the road to the racing circuit as easily as the 570S, but McLaren has gone a step further by introducing a lighter, even more agile version designed for customers who are more frequent visitors to the track.

Available to order now, the Track Pack (above) deploys lightweight and aerodynamic technologies inspired by the 570S GT4 racing car. The rear wing has been raised by a further 12mm – increasing rear downforce, and providing even greater stability during high-speed cornering – and the overall weight has been reduced by 25kg vs the standard 570S, enhancing both its turn-in response and lateral agility.


The 570S Track Pack features a lightweight interior with standard carbon fibre racing seats trimmed in hard-wearing Alcantara

The MSO-finished Dark Palladium roof is the easiest way to visually distinguish the Track Pack from the regular 570S.

That weight reduction has been achieved by replacing the standard seats with carbon fibre racing buckets. The leather interior facings are swapped for hard-wearing Alcantara, and the final kilos are shed thanks to fitment of a set of super-lightweight alloy wheels.

Final visual touches are applied by McLaren Special Operations and include a Dark Palladium roof, and Stealth-finish sports exhaust. Mechanically, this new 570S uses the proven 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, with 570PS (562bhp), capable of reaching 0-124mph (0-200kph) in just 9.5 seconds and a 204mph (328kph) top speed.


The 570S Track Pack generates additional downforce in high-speed corners thanks to a 12mm increase in the height of the rear spoiler.

The Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel places the driver in total control, while the McLaren Track Telemetry system records vital lap data.

However, unlike the standard car, the Track Pack model features the same advanced telemetry system as the McLaren P1 hypercar. It provides real-time lap data, including detailed sector splits and driver comparisons, plus post-race logs to pore over in search of that final extra tenth as you hone your perfect lap time.

When combined, the changes transform the 570S into the most track-focused member of the Sports Series yet, but for customers less interested in ultimate circuit performance, the Track Pack is launched alongside the Design Editions.


Design Edition 1 showcases the Sports Series at its best, combining Vermillion Red bodywork with diamond-finished alloys and a dual-colour interior.

The interior flawlessly mirrors the exterior design with a combination of soft Nappa leather and Alcantara in Jet Black and Apex Red.

A series of five bespoke models, with a range of evocative colour and trim combinations handpicked by the McLaren design team, the Design Editions showcase the expressive styling of the 570S at its best. Every element, from the wheels to the exhausts, paintwork, alloys and cabin trim, is chosen to complement one another.

For example, the Design Edition 1 is finished in Vermillion Red, with five-spoke diamond-cut alloys, red brake calipers, and an interior trimmed in Jet Black and Apex Red Nappa leather. The other design editions appear in Onyx Black, Storm Grey, Ventura Orange and Silica White, but customers can still choose their own unique trim options and carbon fibre panels from MSO to complete their order.

Both the Track Pack and Design Editions are reserved exclusively for the 570S Coupé, and are available to order now, with deliveries due early in 2017.





Every single detail, from the wheels to the brake calipers and even the stitching of the seats, has been chosen by McLaren’s designers.

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