McLaren 720S Spider

Hiding in plain sight

720S Spider Design

Everything for a reason

It’s a design mantra that runs through everything we do at McLaren. And it means that each element we design has a distinct and defined purpose. All that you see on the 720S Spider is honed for performance. Every line, scoop and curve has been crafted for aerodynamic excellence. No exceptions. No compromise. And yet the result is a car that has looks every bit as jaw-dropping as its performance.

McLaren 720S Spider
Let the light in

The 720S Spider is built on a carbon fibre structure that’s incredibly light. And incredibly strong. This means we didn’t need to add any additional strengthening to accommodate the Retractable Hard Top (RHT). So there’s barely any additional weight compared to the 720S Coupe. This creates a drive that’s every bit as thrillingly uncompromising. The RHT retracts at the press of a button and fully folds in under 11 seconds. It’s near enough silent. And so well designed you can operate it while travelling at 50km/h. Plus, a unique glazed option with electrochromic glass means you can still see the sky in all its glory – even with the roof up.

McLaren 720S Spider
Air sculpture

The organic-looking form of the 720S Spider is no coincidence. It looks this way because of painstaking aerodynamic optimisation. It’s as if it’s been sculpted by the air itself. McLaren engineers and designers work in a symbiotic way… drawing on each other’s knowledge and experience. They shrink-wrapped the body of the car around the carbon fibre Monocage II-S structure and the mighty engine it contains. To maximise efficiency and performance. To minimise drag. The 720S Spider’s design is testament to our dedication to aerodynamic principles and extreme performance.

McLaren 720S Spider
Clear distinction

One of the key things that makes the 720S Spider so easy to drive – on road or track – is the level of visibility it offers you. In fact, part of the central philosophy behind the car was to create the maximum possible visibility. The advanced carbon fibre composite structure enables ultra-slim A-pillars and compact buttresses. The buttresses themselves aren’t simply a distinctive feature. They also serve a purpose. Topped with glazed floating elements, they direct air over the tonneau, improving powertrain cooling and increasing downforce. For an all-round cockpit view that’s never before been seen in a convertible supercar.

McLaren 720S Spider
The ins and out

No McLaren is complete without our iconic dihedral doors. And although they may look impressive, they stay true to McLaren’s purposeful design philosophy – making it easier for driver and passenger alike to get in and out of the car. They even have a smaller opening footprint, so they can be fully opened in tighter parking spaces. For the 720S Spider, they feature an enhanced soft-close feature. So they always return to their closed position with elegance. And with such a snug seal to the body of the car, noise and vibration is hugely reduced – even at high speeds.

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