purity of purpose

It turns out you can have it all

As a rule, Grand Tourers are comfortable. Insulating. Which often means they’re also heavy and unresponsive. Not to mention blunt when it comes to handling and driver engagement. The GT makes that rule obsolete. Blisteringly quick and responsive, it injects adrenalin and racing DNA into the class. And it does all of this while delivering a supremely refined ride.

The innovative engineering makes the GT a true McLaren. Pioneering refinements like our Proactive Damping Control suspension. Just like you, this advanced system constantly analyses road conditions to adapt – predictively. And learns from every journey you make. The result? Ride comfort and handling precision that’s perfectly optimised. Every moment. On every journey. You really can have it all.

No room for compromise

The GT has a spacious luggage bay that can be beautifully trimmed in tough and durable SuperFabric® or leather – and is made possible by the car’s uniquely engineered upper structure. Featuring a flowing, full-length glazed tailgate, it can easily accommodate two sets of skis. Or a guitar. Or even a full bag of golf clubs. In other words, all the things you need with you when touring. Access is effortless, opened at the touch of a button. It has a soft close function, too. And a special Sound and Solar Film interlayer in the glass to reduce glare and noise.

New McLaren GT
Choose the finest ingredients

In the GT, we’ve worked relentlessly to bring serious refinement to the car’s thrilling performance. Anything that might compromise the calm quiet inside has been analysed and fine-tuned. Mounts for the engine are more pliable. The unique Pirelli tyres reduce road and structure noise, and absorb more vibration. Special materials have been used in the engine bay, on the rear bulkhead and around the luggage bay to cut out unwanted frequencies. Sound waves always find a way. So we work out ways of stopping them. Wheel arch liners, suspension parts and seals have all been meticulously engineered to enhance refinement. The special Sound and Solar Film (SSF) interlayer in the tailgate glass also features in the optional glazed roof. It reduces both the sun’s rays, and sound from the road outside.

Comfort at your fingertips

Naturally, our Comfort Seats and other cabin details are trimmed in the finest British softgrain leather. This ultimate quality material begins life as the world’s finest raw cattle hide. Unblemished. Unbranded. And responsibly created using the most environmentally-friendly processes. It exudes excellence and adds another layer of enduring, pure comfort to the GT.

Travel in time and space

The refined hush is all pervading. Unrestricted daylight and all-round views. The wraparound glass cabin is designed for you to enjoy. Hour after hour. Mile after mile. And every innovation and material choice plays its part. From details like the beautifully machined switchgear. To the minimal elegance of the design. There’s no sense of bulk or mass around you. Intelligent use of space means that everything has a home. There’s a place for credit cards. Three cup holders. Slots for your phone. Door pockets for everything else. Sleek, responsive touchscreens and sophisticated infotainment set new benchmarks in quality and usability. This is where finely-honed craftsmanship and next-generation technology meet.

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