A whole new world


No other hypercar puts the driver centre-stage in the way the Speedtail does. The central seat provides a perfectly symmetrical view of the cabin – and an uninterrupted vista of the road ahead. Everything in the Speedtail’s interior is positioned for driver convenience and betterment. With controls placed in an overhead console. And rear-view camera screens located by the windscreen A-pillars for maximum, ergonomic efficiency.

The theme is continued in the extraordinary levels of quality and innovation in the materials. Next-generation carbon fibre. Leather that has been honed to hold the driver in their seat. The incorporation of precious metals. Everything about the Speedtail’s cabin exudes excellence and ultimate elegance.


A stunning vision

Innovation runs through every aspect of the Speedtail. And there are few places it’s as clear to see as in the car’s glazing. Interior illumination is provided by LEDs integrated into the glass. While advanced electrochromic technology darkens the windscreen at the touch of a button. No sun visors. Less visual interruption. The windscreen itself seamlessly curves over the driver and passengers to meet the unique porthole. The glazing continues in the upper sections of the doors to each side. And stretches rearward – almost to the rear axle. The result is a panoramic glass canopy that offers unbelievable light and space. And unimpeded visibility. Out in front. All around. Even up above.


A sweeping statement

There is an elegance to simplicity. The Speedtail dashboard is clean. Pure. Gone is the visual interruption of buttons and switches. Instead, a state-of-the-art control system takes their place. Almost every control is replicated by touch-sensitive, high-definition driver displays either side of the steering wheel. Each has a separate, dedicated function. To the [left], vehicle controls. To the [right], infotainment. These are paired with additional displays fed by the car’s wing mirror cameras. Powerful innovation stretches across the Speedtail’s cockpit. It creates a flowing, ultra-modern driver interface. Effortlessly functional. Simply beautiful.


The power of symmetry

The influence of symmetrical design can be seen throughout the Speedtail. In the striking rear light, for example, that pinpoints the central axis of the car. But open the Speedtail’s dihedral doors, and the most iconic reference is revealed – the central driving seat, which positions the driver directly upon this line. The central driver’s seat is synonymous with the legendary F1. But in the Speedtail, it becomes even more extraordinary. It’s not simply about better visibility. Better awareness. Or even better positional accuracy. It’s more than this. It affords a truly natural balance to the car. And places drivers centre-stage... in an unparalleled automotive experience.


A cut above

Inside the Speedtail there is room for three people. Yet, for the driver, the same interior feels like a single-seater cockpit. One in which they are truly at the heart of the action. This is not simply achieved through the central driving seat. But also through repositioning core car controls from the dashboard to an overhead console. These are dedicated driver’s controls. Positioned above them. Accessible only by them. Inspired by the world of aviation – and milled from aluminium – the overhead console provides instant, distraction-free access to Active Dynamics settings. The engine start button. The switches and dials to engage Velocity mode. To release the doors. And to control the side windows. The result is a decluttered interior environment. That delivers pure driving focus.

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