The edge is calling

Thousands of fans answered the calling…they watched the four films at the bottom of the page, found the hidden numbers and correctly assembled them to reveal the dry lightest weight of the 600LT (1,247KG).

6 winners were selected at random from the correct entries. they embarked on an epic road trip in the 600LT across Southern California. See what they got up to below during their once in a lift time adventure with us!


The edge of the Hidden Valleys

Joshua Tree National Park and Box Canyon – stark, stunning, surreal. Even more so behind the wheel of the 600LT. Our guests were guided through Joshua Tree’s Hidden Valleys for a VIP Park Ranger Tour of the epic surrounds.


Out of this World

Where the next Longtail chapter officially began – the classified filmset location for the reveal film. Guest speaker tour to hear about why the site was selected and what goes on behind the scenes when making a film production with a supercar at a wildly setting.



Coachella Valley calling

The incredible Box Canyon route through the Mecca Hills of Coachella Valley. A perfect stretch of striking road for our winners. The 600LT's iconic top-mounted exhaust roared through with ferocious acoustics.



Not for the faint-hearted

Our winners took on the twists and turns of the notorious Southern California Highway 74 behind the wheel of the 600LT!



Thermal Club race track

When blistering temperatures met blistering performance. Our winners tackled the track, pushing themselves to the edge of their abilities.



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