McLaren Winter Wheels and Tyres

Uncompromised performance, whatever the weather


At McLaren, we have a relentless spirit to always improve on what can be done better. That’s why we’ve collaborated with our chosen tyre manufacturer and long-term partner, Pirelli, to create a winter tyre specifically designed to maintain the performance of your Sports Series, even throughout the colder months.

Prepared for the Road Ahead

Designed to perform when temperatures drop to below 7ºC (44ºF), the Pirelli SottoZero3 tyres, branded with the McLaren ‘MC’ seal of approval, have been created to give you the sharpest, safest drive, confidently taking you through autumn, winter and into spring.


Enhanced Control

McLaren Genuine winter tyres ensure you can still enjoy an exhilarating drive even in the most challenging road conditions. Braking distances are reduced by up to 20% in adverse weather, compared to summer tyres, whilst the precise high drainage tread pattern decreases the risk of hydroplaning on wet surfaces. You’ll maintain your smooth ride and razor-sharp handling with maximum grip in wet, snow and even dry conditions.


New Aesthetic

The McLaren Winter Wheels & Tyres set combines cold weather handling with an opportunity for a completely new look. A full set of striking Stealth finish 14-spoke, Lightweight Forged wheels, ready fitted with winter tyres and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, provide everything you need to make the most of your McLaren’s dynamic driving capabilities.


Contact your Retailer

To make sure you’re fully prepared to handle all weather conditions, visit an authorised McLaren Retailer to discuss changing your existing tyres and maintaining the greatest driving experience, even in winter.

Retailer Locator


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Put our winter tyres to the ultimate test and join us for the Pure McLaren Arctic Experience 2018.

200 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland, discover the power and agility of the McLaren 570S and master the ice on a custom set of hand-studded Pirelli MC SottoZero3s.



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