We visit the McLaren P1™ GTR Workshop, a facility dedicated solely to our 1000PS Ultimate Series model, ahead of the first track event of the 2016 programme.


You’re looking at a dozen McLaren P1™ GTRs. That’s 12 carbon fibre MonoCage chassis, 12 carbon fibre steering wheels inspired by our Formula 1™ racing cars, 12 super-lightweight Inconel and titanium alloy exhausts, 12 sets of race-proven Pirelli tyres, and 12 twin-turbo V8 hybrid powertrains each producing 1000PS (986bhp).

This incredible collection, just a selection of the limited production run of McLaren P1™ GTRs, is gathered inside the new McLaren P1™ GTR Workshop. Located in Woking, England, in close proximity to McLaren Special Operations (MSO) and our McLaren GT race team, the recently opened facility is solely dedicated to looking after these track-only McLaren models. Here, hand-picked technicians and engineers ready each car for bespoke events at world-class race circuits, to which McLaren also ships over 80 tonnes of support equipment, from telemetry systems to Pirelli tyres.

It’s all part of the McLaren P1™ GTR Driver Programme, an ownership experience as unique as driving the McLaren P1™ GTR. Customers don’t just own the fastest and most exciting McLaren this side of our Formula 1™ cars, but also experience the world of McLaren like few have enjoyed it before.



From the moment a customer enters the McLaren P1™ GTR Driver Programme, they have access to our most advanced facilities and highly skilled personnel. Frank Stephenson, McLaren Design Director, can help a customer design their car’s livery if they wish (hence the variety on display); each customer is fitted for a unique carbon fibre seat, and measured for a tailor-made race suit and helmet. They spend time with their personal fitness trainer too, and together with their driver coach, undergo simulator sessions at the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) in Woking to ensure they get the most from their car.

Each of these elements is geared towards preparing customers, both mentally and physically, for the driving events at world-class race circuits – the pinnacle of the bespoke Driver Programme. Supported by dedicated McLaren driver coaches, engineers and mechanics, is it the same experience that a professional racing driver would go through on a race weekend, as the team work closely with the drivers to hone their skills and push them to new levels.

The world’s most exclusive McLaren owner experience has already taken to the track for the first time, when seven examples of the McLaren P1™ GTR were let loose in October 2015 at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain. ‘This event gave the drivers the first taste of what the McLaren P1™ GTR can really do,’ says McLaren Chief Test Driver Chris Goodwin. ‘It has got each and every one of them hooked for the rest of the calendar, and in 2016 more customers will join us. We’ll be visiting some of the most exciting and challenging circuits around the world, including the Circuit of the Americas in the USA, Silverstone here in the UK, Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, and Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. It’s going to be an amazing year.’


The large fixed rear wing of the McLaren P1™ GTR features a Drag Reduction System derived from Formula 1™, while the bespoke exhaust system is built from a lightweight Inconel and titanium alloy.


Only the cars that took part in the first ever McLaren P1™ GTR Driver Programme event, at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain, wear this special badge.


The McLaren P1™ GTR produces 660kg of downforce at 150mph, 10 percent more than the McLaren P1™, thanks to unique aerodynamic enhancements including a larger front splitter and carbon fibre canards.


The interior of the McLaren P1™ GTR features a steering wheel inspired by our Formula 1™ race cars, plus a carbon fibre race seat uniquely tailored to each driver and a full six-point motorsport harness.


McLaren P1™ GTR customers can call on the skills of McLaren Design Director Frank Stephenson when creating their own liveries. This car has been inspired by a famous motorsport livery that featured on the McLaren F1 GTR.


The mirrors on the McLaren P1™ GTR are repositioned to the A-pillars, putting them closer to the eye line of the driver and reducing aerodynamic drag. Motorsport-specification polycarbonate side windows reduce weight.


The 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine and electric motor produce a combined 1000PS (986bhp), and the powertrain of the McLaren P1™ GTR has been thoroughly revised for optimum on-track performance.



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